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Golf Tournament Registration Form Template

Features of Golf Tournament Registration Form Template

Onboarding made easy with this Golf Tournament Registration Form Template

Customize your registration form for golf tournament registration and use it for other events. Besides, this form is printable and can also be shared with your registrants in the form of a hard copy!

Personalized Form

Personalize your registration form to a T! Add variables and expressions in the form. Use the pipeline feature to insert previous answers to the current question. This simulates a real-time conversation thus making it easy and comfortable for your registrants to answer the questions.

Payments on the go

Why wait for the payments later? Instead, complete the entire registration process including the payment in one go. This template is integrated with Stripe. All the transactions made using this template are safe over secured SSL connection. Besides, all the transactions are handled by Stripe directly.

Embedded Form

Embed your form on your website or send it over emails directly to make it more accessible to your registrants. Once you’re done with designing the form, generate the embed code. Now, simply copy and paste the generated embed code to your destination. It’s that simple! If you want to embed the entire form, turn on the inline embed before generating the code.

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