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50+ Free Order Form Templates

Our order form templates can be used by organizations to collect orders for your bakery, merchandise, restaurant, catering, construction businesses, and more. Our platform helps you to streamline order collection, management, and payment process. With inbuilt integration with Stripe, you can securely collect payments from your customers. Pick the one you want, customize it with our builder, and start collecting orders!

Survey Templates

Make order placement easy for customers using our order form templates

Benefits of using our order form templates

Customize them into two styles

Using our builder, you can customize the templates in single page or conversational style. In case you are collecting less details from your customers, a single page design would suffice. But, a conversational style helps you to enhance the order placement experience of your customers.

Multiple Sharing Options

Our platform offers you multiple options to share your order forms. You can share them as emails, and your customers or vendors can fill them in the email itself. You can also share them as an SMS or through WhatsApp for easy access. There is QR code sharing option as well, so that your customers or vendors can access them easily.

White Labeling

Every template you pick can be white-labeled for your brand. You can add your brand logo, change the background to match your brand colors, and choose the font that aligns with your brand. The advanced CSS editor allows you to use coding to create your own background. To look more authentic, use custom domain feature to get the form link with your brand name in it.

Collect Payments

Use payment question type in your form to collect payments seamlessly. Our platform is connected with Stripe, one of the most trusted online payment platforms, for processing order payments. Customers can enter their credit/debit card information in the form and the transaction will be processed instantly.

How to use our order form templates

After you go through the gallery and pick the order form template that is suitable for you, here are the three steps you’ll need to follow to start using it.

Step 1 - Customize

Use our builder features to customize the template according to your needs. You can add or remove form fields, change the details asked from the customers, and add skip/display logic to make the forms personalized. Use Unsplash image library, and GIPHY gifs library built into the builder to make your order forms conversational and engaging. Give final touches by customizing the welcome screen with your brand logo, and thank you screen with a customized thankyou message.

Step 2 - Integration

Connect your order form with different third party apps based on your needs. Mailchimp helps you to manage email newsletters, Google Sheets helps you collect all form entries in a sheet instantly, and Hubspot helps you to create tickets based on the form entries. SurveySparrow can be connected with 20+ tools and apps. With Zapier you can connect with 1500+ tools, and create seamless workflows.

Step 3 - Share

After customizing the template, and connecting it with the apps of your choice, your order form in now ready to be shared with your customers or vendors. Share the direct link, or as an email, or embed it on a webpage if you are collecting orders through any online portals. For embedding the form, the platform will generate a short code. Display QR codes wherever suitable.

Step 4 - Dashboard

All your orders will be recorded in our dashboard. Based on the information collected in the form, you can slice and dice the data. If you are running a global business, you can know from customer or vendor demographics and plan strategies to create better experiences for them.

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