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Understand your employees better and improve your business. Build intuitive employee surveys, forms, and questionnaires using our employee survey templates and get the most out of your employees.

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Employee Survey Best Practices

Think like the respondent

Put yourself in the minds of the employee while framing the survey questions. Generate interest in them and tell them their importance as respondents.

Help them to set benchmarks

Setting benchmarks is beneficial to both you and your employees. You can compare the overall performance during quarters and set new goals.

Have a midpoint in your Likert scale

The respondents who feel neutral on some questions, have a tendency of inclining to the positive side on the likert scale. Highlighting the midpoint can prevent this.

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Alex Mead
Director of Customer Service Experience - Silah Gulf

Blown away by the design and simplicity of the surveys by SurveySparrow

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Honest employee surveys make your workplace better

Employees are at the heart of your organization. Getting the right information from them definitely improves the workplace experience, which in turn increases efficiency. But, taking high-quality employee surveys has its own obstacles. Even though you may have good intentions of knowing the truth, the surveys may not be as engaging as they can be. If they are boring, seldom anybody would take interest in filling them.Our survey templates are designed by considering the employees' state of mind. Their conversational style of greetings, asking questions, and single-click answers makes the activity effortless.

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