Community Survey Templates

Get to know in detail about your people using our community survey templates. Use the data collected through these surveys to provide essential community services where they are needed the most.

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Craft Successful Community Surveys

Frame your questions carefully

See that your questions are not directed to a particular type of answer. You may not get the right results for your community survey.

Use Rating Based Questions

Rating-based or Likert scale questions take only a click to answer. They increase the chances of surveys being fully completed. Also, surveys get over faster.

Offer Incentives or Gifts

Filling a survey is not an entertaining task. Tempt your respondents with exciting gift hampers for completing the surveys successfully.

Our Customers Win, We Win!

Timo Han
Founder & CTO - WYDR

The valuable feedback they collected from their audience helped them a lot in improving the events and their customers’ experience on WYDR’s digital platforms.

Laura Lepore Bernhard
Communications, Events & Inbound Marketer at Vector Networks

SurveySparrow is helping us obtain insight into our leads' and customers' perceptions of our products and our company - and that is very important to us. We always want to be evolving.

Project Manager - Nix

The platform has helped them schedule and personalize the surveys and has empowered them to close the feedback loops quicker than ever.

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Kickstart a community survey and help your community flourish!

Being a part of community service projects is a fulfilling experience. It is where your initiatives not only reach people in need, but also give your organisation a good name.But, not many times it happens that you are able to cover the exact demographics of a community. And, it cannot be done only on gut feeling. You need numbers to make your experience gratifying.Surveys tell you if your efforts are reaching the needy. Our collection of community survey templates include feedback forms, polls, questionnaires that will help you to improve your services and also grow yourself personally.They are suitable for schools, local groups, NGOs, or individual service projects.

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