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30+ Quiz Templates To Grow Your Brand

Use our quiz templates to create conversational quizzes that engage your audiences, improve your visibility, and help you discover growth opportunities. The collection has quiz templates for schools, businesses, product-based, events and festivals, and more. Browse through the gallery, pick the one you want, customize it with our builder, and start!

Survey Templates

Catch eyeballs for your brand with these quiz templates

Benefits of using our quiz templates

Use Video Background

Make your quizzes fun with video backgrounds. Keep the visitors engaged throughout quizzes by using interesting visual backgrounds for your quizzes. Make sure that the background blends with the theme of the quiz. Once you upload the video, there are options to loop it or keep it on mute.

Scoring Feature

Add scores to multiple-choice questions and display them at the end of the quiz. You can give a personalized experience to the participants using expressions, and logic. Use this feature to get more participants for your quiz lead-generation campaigns, and reward the highest scorers. The rewards can be goodies, product samples, or coupon codes for discounts on shopping for your products.

Customization Options

Customize the templates to blend with your brand, or theme of your quiz. The builder has an inbuilt library of Unsplash images and gifs from GIPHY. You can also upload your images as well. There are options to choose font styles, font colors, and button colors. If you want to explore more, you can use a CSS editor to use coding to create responsive backgrounds.

Webpage Embed

Place your quiz on your brand campaign webpage using a shortcode. Display it as an inline embed, side panel, or a button popup. Using customization features, you can make the quiz blend with your webpage when you embed it. Also, you can use Google Analytics integration to track the number of visitors who take the quiz.

QR Code

Display QR codes on your marketing materials like pamphlets, banners, brochures, websites, and more. Your audience can simply scan the QR code to take the quiz and win rewards. With multiple QR codes, you can track the responses, and understand your potential customers' demographics.

How can quizzes help you with your business?

Quizzes are one of the most creative ways to engage your audience, and get word-of-mouth marketing for your business. We have quiz templates that serve different purposes.

Brand Awareness & Lead Generation

Interesting quizzes that connect your business with trending topics can help you create brand awareness through moment marketing. You can offer exciting rewards and compel he visitors to finish the quiz. You can either give coupon codes, or your product samples as rewards. This gives more visibility to your brand and products, and help you generate leads that can convert well.

Product Recommendation Quizzes

Having a product recommendation quiz on your website can be an interesting way to make visitors stay on your website. You can ask them different questions about their personality, and recommend a product based on their answer.

Try our Product Recommendation Quiz Template

Quiz Based Learning

If you are running an educational institution, or a training center, quizzes can be a grat way to make learning interesting. An engaging quiz with rewards at the end can make a student take interest in learning, and get the best out of the course.

Try our Country Flag Quiz Template

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