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60+ Event Survey Templates

To organize unforgettable events, you need to understand the taste of your attendees. With targeted questions, these event survey templates will help you gather apt feedback. Grab one of these templates and create surveys quickly, with no hassles.

Survey Templates

Benefits of event survey templates

Conversational and Interactive surveys

Easily design, analyze and provide surveys with conversational features. Use emojis, texts, pictures, GIFs to make your survey interactive and engaging. Let your audience decide what they want to share. This interactive approach inspires participants to give more honest and detailed responses, as it feels more like a conversation than a formal survey.

Scheduled Surveys

Schedule pre-event and post event surveys effortlessly. Pre-event surveys will help to collect expectations and preferences of your attendees. This allows the event organizers to customize the event for maximum impact. Post event surveys gather immediate and fresh feedback of the event helping to organize impactful events in the future.

QR codes for easy access

Using QR codes in event materials such as brochures, pamphlets, and banners makes it more convenient for attendees to access surveys. This will eliminate the need for manual entry of URLs and encourage more event participants to provide feedback by simply scanning the code using their smartphones. It optimizes the process and increases response rates.

Webpage embed

SurveySparrow offers the flexibility to embed surveys directly into webpages. This can be done as pop-ups, inline embeds, or side panes, making sure the survey is accessible without navigating away from the main content. The website embed feature helps capture feedback from visitors in real-time and improve the overall customer experience.

Integrations that can help you to organize events better


Stripe Integration with SurveySparrow helps you collect payments or donations from participants via credit/debit cards. By making payments online, the participants can easily register for the event within their convenient space and the transactions are highly secure. All the data collected during the payment integration is encrypted, leaving no room for fraudulent activities.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you to track visitors filling the forms on your website. Analyze the survey results using Google Analytics and measure the key metrics such as survey traffic, participant demographics, user behavior, completion time, and more. Optimize your surveys and get higher response rates and quality data.


Create and manage new contacts/leads to your Mailchimp audience list with SurveySparrow’s Mailchimp integration. Enable the toggle, map your survey questions/variables with the corresponding Mailchimp fields and manage all your Mailchimp subscribers, leads and contacts effortlessly. Mailchimp survey integration helps you to stay in touch with registrants and send them newsletters on upcoming events.

Google Sheets

Integrate your surveys with Google Sheets to share surveys, collect live feedback, and automatically sync it with the sheets. Generate insightful reports from the data collected and share it with your teammates to collaborate and brainstorm new ideas. This integration will help you to manage the participant data effectively and act upon it.

How to use our event survey templates?

  • Choose the template of your choice from the event survey template gallery. You have 50+ templates there and customize it according to your event.
  • SurveySparrow lets you integrate your CRM, Help desk, and HRM Software applications. Our platform provides integration options to help you manage your event.
  • Share surveys seamlessly across multiple channels - Email, Web, Mobile & Social Media. Reach your audience wherever they are and collect feedback with SurveySparrow.
  • Executive Dashboard from SurveySparrow lets you create a dedicated dashboard for your survey, visualize the survey data, and make the result analysis easy.

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