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Pre-Event Survey Template

This pre-event survey template can be sent to attendees before an event to gather their expectations, preferences, and any other relevant information. Anyone organizing an event can use pre-event surveys to improve the event experience.

The template is designed to be conversational and engaging, with welcome and thank-you screen. You can customize it to fit the type of your event and audience.

Use This Template

Features of this Pre Event Survey Template

Personalize your event experience with our pre event survey template


Benefits of this pre-event survey template


Sentiment Analysis with Word Clouds

Visualize the most commonly used words or sentiments expressed in open-ended survey responses by using word clouds. This feature helps event organizers to quickly understand audience’s feelings and opinions, making data analysis and decision-making easier.

Customizable AI Features

Personalize survey questions according to your event’s specific style and requirements by using AI wing feature. Select the text, and choose your favorite style from the dropdown, The platform will rephrase the question in that style.

Voice Transcription

Enhance survey engagement by allowing participants to provide their responses verbally through voice transcription. Once you enable voice transcription feature for open ended questions, the respondent will see a microphone button using which they can say their response. This feature not only increases accessibility but also adds a dynamic element to the survey experience, making it more interactive and user-friendly.

Schedule the Survey

Organizers can gather valuable feedback and insights by scheduling the survey at a specific time before the event. Early feedback allows for adjustments and enhancements based on participant input, which can improve event planning and execution.

Set Reminder

Boost response rates by sending timely reminders to both partial responders and non-responders, encouraging survey completion. This ensures a more comprehensive data collection process and maximizes the value of the feedback received.

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Sample pre-event survey questions


Here are 10 sample pre-event survey questions that can help gather valuable insights from participants:

  1. How did you hear about this event?
  2. What are you most looking forward to at the event?
  3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this event to a friend?
  4. What topics or activities would you like to see included in the event agenda?
  5. How would you rate your familiarity with the event location?
  6. What is your preferred method of receiving event updates and information?
  7. Have you attended similar events in the past? If yes, what did you enjoy most?
  8. Are there any specific dietary restrictions or preferences we should be aware of for catering purposes?
  9. What are your expectations for networking opportunities at the event?
  10. How would you describe your level of excitement for this event?

These questions can provide organizers with valuable feedback to tailor the event to meet participants’ expectations and preferences effectively.

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Who can use this template?


Event Planners and Coordinators

Professionals who organize and manage events can use pre-event surveys to understand attendees’ expectations, preferences, and specific needs. This can help tailor the event to better suit the audience.

Conference Organizers

For those organizing academic, business, or industry conferences, pre-event surveys can capture information about topics of interest, speaker preferences, and logistical needs (like dietary restrictions).

Exhibition and Trade Show Organizers

To enhance the experience for exhibitors and visitors, organizers can use this template to assess what products, services, or themes attendees are most interested in.

Educational Institutions

Schools, colleges, and universities can use this template for upcoming educational events, seminars, or workshops to gauge interest levels in different topics or speakers and to plan for the right resources and facilities.

Corporate Event Planners

Companies hosting internal or external events, such as product launches, team-building activities, or customer appreciation events, can benefit from such surveys to ensure the event meets the objectives and expectations of all stakeholders.

Non-Profit Organizations and Community Groups

For community events, fundraisers, or awareness campaigns, these surveys help understand community interests and needs, ensuring the event has the desired impact and engagement.

Sports Event Organizers

Before sports competitions, matches, or recreational activities, organizers can use this template to gather information on participant numbers, preferences for event formats, and any special accommodations needed.

Entertainment and Leisure Event Organizers

For concerts, festivals, and leisure events, surveys can help understand audience preferences for performers, genres, food, and merchandise, contributing to a more enjoyable and customized event experience.

Wedding and Personal Event Planners

Even for more personal events like weddings or milestone celebrations, pre-event surveys among guests can help in planning for dietary restrictions, music preferences, and activity interests.

Virtual Event Organizers

With the rise of virtual and hybrid events, organizers can use these surveys to understand technical capabilities and preferences of attendees, ensuring a smooth and accessible experience for everyone.


How to use this template? [In 4 Steps]


Step 1: Customize

Customize your survey by editing background colors, fonts, and adding video backgrounds. Personalize welcome and thank you pages, and use the AI wing feature for rephrasing entry fields. For advanced customization, leverage CSS options.

Step 2: Integrate with Third-Party Apps

Connect with tools like Google Sheets and Mailchimp to efficiently organize survey data and send event information through email, streamlining communication with participants and stakeholders.

Step 3: Share Your Survey

Share your survey through various channels such as links, SMS, email, social media, webpage embeds, and QR codes. Maximize outreach and participation by utilizing multiple sharing options.

Step 4: Check Responses in the Dashboard

Monitor responses in real-time within the dashboard, gaining immediate insights into audience feedback. Export data to CSV for further analysis and utilize filters and widgets in the dashboard for detailed and actionable information.

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