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100+ Marketing Survey Templates

Our marketing survey, form, and questionnaire templates can be used by companies to collect customer feedback, lead generation, and understand product-market fit. The collection includes, feedback surveys, demographic questionnaires, lead generation forms and more. Pick the one you want, customize it with our builder, and start!

Survey Templates

How can SurveySparrow’s Marketing Templates help you with your marketing needs?

Conversational UI

Make your surveys engaging with SurveySparrow’s conversational UI. This will allow higher completion rate and honest feedback as your respondents feel they are talking to a friend or colleague. With multiple question types, conversational survey logics, video surveys and voice transcription features your surveys will look like a friendly conversation.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Our platform with its executive dashboard allows you to pull data from multiple surveys into one place to enable data analytics & performance monitoring. Use different widgets like stacked charts, bell curves, journey charts, bar charts etc. to track results and collaborate with your team members on the insight.

Multiple Sharing Options

Share surveys seamlessly across multiple channels like Email, Website, Mobile & Social Share. Reach your audience wherever they are to get more reach, more responses, better data, and better insights. This will help to boost engagement and get greater response rates easily.

NPS, CSAT, CES modules

Measure customer satisfaction with our NPS, CSAT, CES surveys. NPS Software helps you identify your loyal customers & their willingness to recommend your brand. You can discover the various factors driving customer satisfaction with the CSAT module. CES module helps businesses collect and analyze customer effort scores efficiently.

Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp integration with SurveySparrow lets you add or create new leads & subscribers in no time. You can add the leads to your Mailchimp audience list and later on collect valuable feedback from them. It also helps to create personalized campaigns, segment your audience and close more deals.

Different Types of Marketing Survey Templates For You

Market Research - Market survey templates can be used to measure customer satisfaction, product feedback, analyze market trends, brand awareness, competitor analysis, and study consumer behavior.

Feedback Surveys - Collect honest customer feedback with our survey platform. Sentiment analysis feature helps to evaluate the emotional tone of responses to open-ended questions. You can use this template to collect website feedback, product feedback, and for beta testing.

Product Market Fit - Use this template to understand market demand and product nature before launching. Craft well-researched product-market fit questions that will help you to collect the right responses. Its conversational style can give you a response rate of up to 40%.

Lead Generation - Convert your website visitors into qualified leads and later on loyal customers with our templates. You can use these surveys to collect the details of the users who want to access your ebooks, whitepapers, product/service demos and request for proposals.

How to Use Our Marketing Survey Templates?

Step 1: Customize

Customize the questionnaire to match your brand, adjusting colors, fonts, and adding video backgrounds. Modify questions and use AI Wing for rephrasing; apply custom CSS for advanced customization.

Step 2: Integrate with Third-Party Apps

Connect to Google Sheets for capturing data in a well-organized manner and Mailchimp for managing email lists. You have 100+ integrations available in our platform to automate data analysis and workflows.

Step 3: Share

Distribute the questionnaire via direct link, SMS, email, QR code, social media, and website embed. Broaden your reach with our multichannel share option and get more responses.

Step 4: Analyze Results

Export responses to CSV for offline analysis and use SurveySparrow’s dashboard feature for segmentation and visualization. Interpret feedback efficiently for data-driven decisions.

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