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Demo Feedback Form Template

Features of this Demo Feedback Form Template.

More Features of Demo Feedback Form Template

Improve the quality of your demos, and improve conversions using this demo feedback form template. Here are a few more features of SurveySparrow that will help you work on the feedbacks better


Modify this demo feedback form sample using our builder. Use different question types, unsplash image gallery to customize the background, and also add your logo at the welcome screen. The more visually appealing your form looks, the more candid feedback.

Email Embed

Embed the demo feedback form into the email. Right after the demo is over, you can trigger a feedback email, in which you can embed the form. The questions for demo can be displayed directly in the email and respondents can answer them within the email itself.

Set Reminders

For those who forget to share their demo feedback or have completed it partially, you can set reminder emails. You can set it once, and forget the rest. SurveySparrow will send reminders after a set time interval.

Ticket Management

Create tickets for product demo feedback based on the responses. In case any feedback needs to be urgently addressed, create a tickey and assign it to your team. Team members can communicate with each other on the platform itself and they get email notifications for every message shared.

Importance of Post Demo Surveys

All successful brands grow on the basis of continuous improvement. In a competitive market, it can be too late for collecting product feedback after customers are onboarded. Many companies conduct product demos to know the flaws or scope of improvement in features from a select group of customers. These demo feedbacks kickstart the improvement process even before the product is actually on the market.

The obvious reason why demo feedbacks have gained substantial popularity in recent times is that they keep brands much ahead of their competitors.

Post demo surveys can have questions related to product features, pricing, aesthetics, user experience, and everything related to the product. The survey can also ask suggestions on if any new feature needs to be added to the product.

The ideal time to share post demo surveys is within a day of the product demo.

Post demo surveys not only help brands to make products or services better but also help in improving relationships with prospective customers.

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