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Demo Feedback Form Template

Features of this Demo Feedback Form Template.

Make product demos better with Demo Feedback Form Template


How SurveySparrow can help you in streamlining demo feedback collection


Engaging User Experience

The template is equipped with a conversational-type interface that creates dialogue-style feedback in participant interaction following the demo that helps get better customer engagement, leading to feeling as if talking to an actual human.


The template ensures compatibility across devices, enabling participants to provide feedback conveniently from desktops, tablets, or mobiles, maximizing accessibility and participation rates and ensuring there is no barrier when it comes to the reach for a variety of customers

Embed Videos

Videos can be incorporated within the feedback form template, which enhances the feedback process of the demo, enabling the participants to revisit the particular section for their precise and accurate feedback. The customers will be able to relate with the product they have been tested and see various possibilities of use in some cases.

Automated Follow-Ups

Used for collecting feedback after demos have been conducted using the recurring feature, which helps setup and add frequency to share the survey with your customers. The follow-ups measure how effective the changes or improvements from initial feedback help us get closer to perfection.

Multiple Sharing Options

Multiple ways of sharing is another crucial benefit of using templates that can be accessed through email links, embedded forms as well and direct links, enabling many people to participate and ensuring the comfort of the customers they are dealing with.


FAQs on Demo Feedback


How do I ask for feedback after a demo?

You can ask for feedback in different ways, such as using a survey tool, a phone call, or a video chat. Ask open-ended questions, such as what they liked and disliked about the demo, their main concerns or challenges, and how your solution can help them achieve their goals.

Why is demo feedback important?

Demo feedback is crucial as it provides insights into a product’s user experience, functionality, and potential improvements. It helps identify strengths and weaknesses, guiding further development or modifications.

How should I collect demo feedback?

Feedback can be gathered through surveys, interviews, usability tests, focus groups, or direct observations. Online forms, questionnaires, or one-on-one discussions are common methods used to collect feedback.

Should I continuously gather feedback after making changes?

Absolutely! Continuous feedback loops help in iterative improvements. Regularly collect feedback after implementing changes to ensure ongoing enhancements align with user expectations.

What customization options are available for the demo feedback form?

The demo feedback form is highly customizable with our builder. You can choose from various question types, use images from the Unsplash gallery for backgrounds, and add your logo to the welcome screen. The goal is to make the form visually appealing to encourage more candid feedback.

Can I embed the demo feedback form in an email?

Yes, you can embed the demo feedback form directly into emails. This can be particularly useful for sending a feedback request immediately after a demo. Respondents can view and respond to the questions within the email itself, making it more convenient and increasing the likelihood of response.

Is it possible to set reminders for demo feedback?

Absolutely. SurveySparrow allows you to set reminder emails for those who either forgot to give feedback or only partially completed the form. Set the reminder once, and the platform will handle the rest, sending out reminders at set intervals.

How does the ticket management feature work with demo feedback?

The ticket management feature lets you create tickets based on product demo feedback. If any feedback needs urgent attention, you can create a ticket and assign it to your team. Team members can communicate directly on the platform and receive email notifications for each update, ensuring prompt action on critical feedback.


Benefits of Collecting Demo Feedback


Insight into User Experience

Feedback offers invaluable insights into user interactions with your demo, uncovering preferences, and pain points. Understanding their experiences enables targeted improvements, enhancing overall user satisfaction by effectively addressing specific needs and expectations.

Identification of Issues

By gathering feedback, you can quickly identify glitches, bugs, or usability issues. Early detection and resolution prevent larger problems, ensuring a smoother user experience and bolstering confidence in the product’s reliability.

Prioritization of Enhancements

Feedback-driven prioritization aligns development efforts with user demand, allowing strategic planning and resource allocation. This approach ensures that improvements address critical features, maximizing the impact on user satisfaction.

Validation of Assumptions

Feedback validates assumptions made during design and development. It serves as a reality check, confirming if the envisioned user experience aligns with actual user needs ensuring the product’s relevance and usability.

Iterative Development

Continuous feedback loops drive iterative development, allowing agile adjustments based on user input. This approach facilitates an adaptive development process, leading to a product consistently meeting evolving user requirements.

Enhanced Product Adoption

Incorporating user feedback increases the likelihood of product adoption and user loyalty. Users feel valued when their suggestions are acknowledged, fostering a sense of ownership and positive engagement with the product.


Importance of Post Demo Surveys

All successful brands grow on the basis of continuous improvement. In a competitive market, it can be too late for collecting product feedback after customers are onboarded. Many companies conduct product demos to know the flaws or scope of improvement in features from a select group of customers. These demo feedbacks kickstart the improvement process even before the product is actually on the market.

The obvious reason why demo feedbacks have gained substantial popularity in recent times is that they keep brands much ahead of their competitors.

Post demo surveys can have questions related to product features, pricing, aesthetics, user experience, and everything related to the product. The survey can also ask suggestions on if any new feature needs to be added to the product.

The ideal time to share post demo surveys is within a day of the product demo.

Post demo surveys not only help brands to make products or services better but also help in improving relationships with prospective customers.

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