COVID-19 Survey Templates

COVID - 19 has changed the world. It has forced us to adapt to new ways of interacting, working, and learning while following social distancing norms. Offices have shifted to homes, and education has become online. But, there's nothing to worry about. We've got all for you. We have a collection of forms and templates that will not let your productivity compromise. We have remote scrum, COVID-19 pre-screening survey, Symptom check bot, and more!

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Simplify Your Communication

Interactive User Interface

With work from home become a new normal, and direct human interaction has drastically reduced, the interactive user interface of our templates comes as a boon.

Scrums, Daily Standups

Use our bots to ensure you don't lose track of attendance management. Set-up timely reminders for your employees for breaks. Work-from-home can be tiresome.

Collect Feedbacks Online

Be it remote work or an online class, you need to collect frequent feedback. Automate this process so that you don't miss out on anything. Know what the respondents think and act upon them.

Our Customers Win, We Win!

Dnyan Shah
Head Communication, Mphasis

We found that this conversational type of survey experience caught their employees' attention. The engaging UI and mobile optimization made surveying a fun activity.

Shep Hyken
Founder & Chief Amazement Officer Shepard Presentations, LLC

It is conversational and I love the little videos and GIFs that make the survey more fun.

Shannon J. Gregg
President Cloud Adoption Solutions

The UI made it feel like I was talking o a friend, It wasn't invasive but welcoming.

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Don't let social distancing take you away from interactions!

Organizations are facing challenges in managing their workflows due to social distancing. The normality of working together in the office seems far from returning back. Not on workflow management, but every aspect of life that needs human interaction has got affected.Although the advent of the pandemic has confined us to our home and widened the physical distance between us, it has also lead to the world getting smaller. Everything is getting transformed online. Internet was never being exploited as it is today.With our COVID-19 survey templates and forms, you can manage your workflows, collect feedbacks and organize work from home meetings effortlessly. Our templates can be embedded on your websites, integrated with Teams, Sheets, Monday, Stripe, and many other apps. Modify them the way you want, and speed up your productivity.

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