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Event Satisfaction Survey Template

This Event Satisfaction Survey Template is designed to collect detailed feedback from your audience, sponsorers, and volunteers on their level of satisfaction. Getting the right answers is about asking the right event satisfaction survey questions.

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Features of Event Satisfaction Survey Template

How SurveySparrow can help you improve the quality of your events

Enhance your event management in the most efficient manner possible. Collect feedback and satisfaction ratings to ensure you meet your customers’ expectations. Let’s look at some of the other essential features you might find helpful.

Embed the Form

Effortlessly integrate your event satisfaction survey into your website or app using the inline or pop-up embed feature. Simply generate the code, copy it, and paste it to gather valuable feedback and opinions directly.

Diverse Library of Question Types

Enhance your event feedback survey template with a wide range of question types available in the builder. This allows for collecting detailed feedback on event services and identifying the dos and don’ts in your event management.

Multilingual Surveys for Broader Reach

Break language barriers by conducting your survey in multiple languages, supported by SurveySparrow’s 50+ language options. Respondents can comfortably communicate in their preferred language, ensuring effective feedback collection. Responses can be instantly translated for easy comprehension.

Offline Accessibility

Increase the versatility of your post-event evaluation form by making it accessible offline. This feature enables respondents to complete the survey at their convenience, regardless of network availability.

Multiple Survey Sharing Options

Expand the reach of your event satisfaction survey through multiple sharing methods, including personalized SMS messages, unique web links, social sharing, and QR codes. This approach ensures greater accessibility and convenience for your respondents.

Recurring Survey

This feature allows you to plan and automate the distribution of surveys at specific times. For events, this could involve sending out pre-event surveys to gauge expectations, during-event surveys to capture real-time feedback, and post-event surveys to assess overall satisfaction. By scheduling surveys strategically, you can ensure that participants receive them at the most relevant moments without overwhelming them.

Real-Time Analytics and Actionable Insights

Dashboards provide immediate access to survey responses as they are submitted. This allows event organizers to monitor feedback in real time, identify trends, and respond promptly to emerging issues or positive aspects. Actionable insights refer to the tools and features that help you derive meaningful conclusions from the collected data. This could include data visualization, trend analysis, and sentiment analysis to guide decision-making and improvements during and after the event.

Integration with Analytics Software

Integration with analytics software enhances the analytical capabilities by allowing seamless collaboration with other data sources. This feature lets you combine survey data with other relevant metrics, such as website analytics or attendee demographics. By integrating with tools like Google Analytics or business intelligence platforms like Tableau, you can better understand the event’s performance and participant satisfaction.

CSAT Module

The Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) module includes pre-designed templates or questionnaires tailored to measure customer satisfaction related to events. CSAT surveys typically consist of questions asking participants to rate their satisfaction with various aspects of the event experience, such as content, speakers, logistics, and overall impression. The CSAT module assists in quantifying participant satisfaction and identifying areas for improvement.

NPS Module

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) module gauges the likelihood of participants recommending your event to others. NPS surveys typically feature a key question: “How likely are you to recommend this event to a friend or colleague?” Participants respond on a numerical scale. The NPS module in SurveySparrow assists in measuring overall satisfaction and loyalty, helping organizers understand the event’s impact and potential for positive word-of-mouth promotion.

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