Features of Patient Demographic Form Template

More features of Patient Demographic Form Template

This patient demographic form template can be used by healthcare organizations to collect the personal details of their patients online. You can use various features of SurveySparrow to make the process of collecting feedback easier. You can also use various integrations of SurveySparrow to automate the process and make the task hassle-free.

Accept Signature

Use this feature in your form to collect the patient’s signature directly from the form. You can either draw, type or upload a signature in your patient demographic template. This feature makes it easier for organizations to collect the signatures of the patients online.

Contact Forms

This demographic form template is a comprehensive contact form. You can collect all the information pertaining to your patients in just a single question instead of multiple questions. You collect information like name, phone number, email, address and designation. This helps the healthcare organization to keep a record of details of the patients.

Google Sheet Integration

SurveySparrow in integration with Google sheet lets you collect all the relevant information of the patients from the form directly into a google spreadsheet. With this data you can create a patient demographic sheet and generate insightful reports based on it.

Multiple Device Compatibility

This demographic information sheet form for patients can be shared on multiple platforms and even via email, SMS or Weblink. This feature will help the healthcare organization to get good response to the form and in a single share it can be forwarded to many people.

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