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Fitness Instructor Evaluation Form Template

Features of Fitness Instructor Evaluation Form Template

Help your fitness instructors to improve with streamlined feedback and improved quality


Features to help you with fitness instructor evaluations

Customizable Surveys

Surveysparrow allows gym owners to create tailored surveys with specific questions related to gym quality. This can include questions about equipment functionality, cleanliness, staff professionalism, and overall member experience. Customizable surveys enable gyms to gather targeted feedback, pinpointing areas that require improvement. This feature is essential for addressing specific aspects of gym quality that matter most to members.

Real-time Analytics

This template provides real-time analytics, allowing gym owners to instantly analyze feedback trends as they come in. This feature includes visualizations and reports that highlight areas of strength and weakness based on member responses. Real-time analytics empower gym owners to make prompt decisions based on current member sentiments. Identifying trends quickly enables proactive measures to enhance overall gym quality.


The template is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that members can easily provide feedback using smartphones or tablets. The mobile-friendly feature enhances the accessibility and convenience of feedback collection. Members can share their thoughts on gym quality in real-world scenarios, leading to more accurate and meaningful responses.

Automated Follow-ups

The template allows gyms to automate follow-up surveys, sending additional inquiries to members who have previously provided feedback. This feature supports ongoing engagement and progress tracking. Automated follow-ups create a dynamic feedback loop. Gyms can assess the impact of implemented changes, gather additional insights, and continuously refine their offerings for sustained improvement.

Multi-Channel Distribution

Surveysparrow facilitates the distribution of surveys through various channels, including email and social media platforms. Using multiple channels broadens the reach of feedback collection. Gyms can gather insights from diverse member segments, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of gym quality across different perspectives.

Integration Capabilities

The template comes with integration capabilities, allowing gym owners to connect feedback data seamlessly with other systems or platforms. Integrations streamline data management and decision-making processes. Gyms can centralize feedback information, making it easier to collaborate on improvement strategies and track the impact of changes over time.


Sample Fitness Instruction Evaluation Questions


For Gym Management Evaluation:

How would you rate the instructor’s ability to engage with clients and build a positive rapport during classes or sessions?

On a scale of 1 to 5, how effective is the instructor in providing a variety of workout routines that cater to different fitness levels and goals?

Rate the instructor’s motivational skills in encouraging clients to achieve their fitness goals.

How frequently does the instructor interact with clients to understand their fitness goals and preferences?

Do you have any specific feedback or suggestions for improving the instructor’s performance or the gym’s overall quality?

For Personal Training Sessions Evaluation:

To what extent does the instructor tailor fitness goals to the individual needs and preferences of each client?

Rate the effectiveness of the instructor in tracking and communicating client progress during personal training sessions.

How well does the instructor adapt training plans based on the specific needs of each client?

Are there any specific strengths or areas for improvement you would like to highlight regarding the personal training sessions?

For Employee Wellness Programs Evaluation:

To what extent does the instructor address health concerns associated with sedentary office work during wellness programs?

Rate the inclusion of desk-friendly exercises in the wellness program.

How effective is the instructor in engaging employees in wellness activities within the workplace?

Do you have any suggestions for enhancing the wellness programs or instructor’s approach in the workplace?

For Rehabilitation Centers Evaluation:

Rate the instructor’s knowledge of rehabilitation principles and exercises.

How well does the instructor create safe and effective recovery plans for clients in a rehabilitation setting?

To what extent does the instructor communicate and collaborate with healthcare providers to support client recovery?

Are there any specific insights or recommendations you’d like to share regarding the rehabilitation services provided by the instructor?

For Sports Training Facilities Evaluation:

Rate the effectiveness of the instructor in designing sports-specific training programs for athletes.

To what extent does the instructor implement injury prevention strategies in training sessions?

How well does the instructor adapt workouts for athletes of different ages and skill levels?

Any specific feedback or ideas for improving the sports training programs or instructor’s performance?

For Virtual Training Platforms Evaluation:

Rate the instructor’s effectiveness in delivering engaging virtual workouts or training sessions.

How well does the instructor utilize technology to enhance the virtual training experience?

To what extent are the instructions provided by the instructor clear and easy to follow in a virtual setting?

Do you have any suggestions for enhancing the virtual training experience or the instructor’s digital engagement?

These questions can be customized further to align with your specific needs and objectives when evaluating fitness instructors.

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