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Gym Registration Form Template

Features of Gym Registration Form Template

Accelerate the admission process with this Gym Registration Form Template

The sweat, the time pays off, holds true to get physically fit. But you needn’t sweat to register new members. Right from taking in relevant information from the newbies to keeping a track of all the admission applications, this template can do it all!

Transaction on the go

The most important feature that comes with this template is enabling you to receive payments from the members directly while they’re filling out the form. All the transactions made using this template happen over a secure SSL connection. Furthermore, all the payments are managed by Stripe.

Sort Your Data

Tracking your old data can get really tedious. But not anymore. This template lets you sort your data based on time-period, respondent details, degree of completion, questions, answers and a lot more! Not just that. Once you sort your data you save the view too and use it later!

Voice Recording Feature

Save your respondents from typing out long answers. Instead turn on the Voice Transcription feature for open ended questions, while you’re designing it. This will enable a microphone button for the respondent. And they can simply click on the button and start talking to record their answers.

Tailor-Made Themes

You heard us right! Our template comes with a plethora of prebuilt themes. You can use them directly or you could also customize them to make your own. Add your choice of fonts, colors, images and design it the way you want! Besides, you can edit the CSS easily, the technical aspect is taken care of by us.

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