Features of Head To Toe Physical Assessment Checklist Template

More Features of Head To Toe Physical Assessment Checklist Template

Here are a few more features of SurveySparrow that will help you conduct full body assessments using this head to toe physical assessment checklist template.

Customize the way you want

Customize the template using our builder. You can add or remove questions, change the font style, background color, and add your logo to the welcome screen. You can also add a video in the background. Own this head-to-toe assessment checklist with our white label features. Replace SurveySparrow branding with your own brand and get a custom link of your choice.

Mobile Friendly

Use this physical assessment checklist on devices of any screen size. The design will align itself to any screen size keeping the readability and aesthetics intact. The respondent can fill the checklist from mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or any kiosk.

Go Offline

Install our app in a kiosk or tablet and use head to toe physical assessment checklist with no internet connection. This feature is useful for nursing homes, clinics, or healthcare camps taking place at isolated places with no connectivity.

Different Question Types

With different types of questions, collect detailed information about your patient. Use rating based, multiple choice, matrix choice, slider type questions to make this head to toe assessment checklist comprehensive. Enable sentiment analysis for open ended questions to get a word cloud for further analysis.

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