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Patient Health Questionnaire Template

Features of Patient Health Questionnaire Template

More Features of Patient Health Questionnaire

With SurveySparrow, this patient health questionnaire is transformed into an experience management tool. Apart from collecting data, the features enable you to analyze the responses and improve the experiences of your patients. Using our customizing features, you can brand your health institution to stand out amongst your competitors.

Customizable Surveys

Redesign the health questionnaire template the way you want using the builder. Add your logo to the welcome screen, customize the questions, change the background color, and also get a custom URL of your choice. The builder has a color selector to choose background color, an image upload feature to help you upload your own background, and an advanced CSS editor to help you code your own background.

Offline Questionnaire

Install the patient health questionnaire on a kiosk, or a tablet and collect responses even without the internet. Offline health questionnaires can be useful for collecting feedback from patients during health drives in villages or isolated towns with less or no connectivity. Since the template is responsive to any screen size you can even use your mobile phone as an offline device.

Case Management

Create cases and assign them to the right physician, or nurse from your team. You can enable email notification for every response, and in case of immediate attention is needed, create a case and assign it to anyone from your team. Be in constant communication with every member and stay updated from anywhere in the world. This feature comes in handy for multispeciality hospitals where chief doctors cannot be present physically on the spot.

Google Sheet Integration

Organize the data collected from the health questionnaire template into a google sheet by simply toggling on the integration. The responses get automatically recorded in the sheet. Once you collect the responses, you can slice and dice the data to arrive at conclusive inferences. The sheets can also be used for research purposes as they will help you understand trends based on demographics.

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