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Patient Health Questionnaire Template

This Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ) Template is designed to understand the mental health of your patient better. The interactive UI of the questionnaire ensures that the respondents are attentive while filling out the questionnaire.

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Features of Patient Health Questionnaire Template

Use Cases: Patient Health Questionnaire Template

General Practitioners

General practitioners serve as the primary point of contact for patients within the medical community. A detailed understanding of the patient’s medical history and current complaints is fundamental to providing optimal care. Utilizing the Patient Health Template ensures practitioners capture a comprehensive record, encompassing allergies, past procedures, familial histories, and more. Furthermore, by integrating the Embedded Surveys feature, clinics can embed this questionnaire within their digital patient portal. As a result, prior to the in-person consultation, the practitioner possesses a well-informed perspective of the patient’s health, facilitating more effective and time-efficient appointments.

Specialist Clinics

In specialized medical fields, the need for precise and targeted patient data becomes paramount. For specialists, the Health Questionnaire Template can be tailored with the Custom Workflows feature to solicit information specific to their field of expertise. Whether it pertains to cardiology, endocrinology, or orthopedics, such refined data collection allows specialists to delineate the exact nature of the ailment. Consequently, this provides a foundation for precise diagnostic procedures and tailored treatment plans.


Within a hospital’s multifaceted environment, consistency and accessibility of patient data across departments is essential. Utilizing the Health Questionnaire Template, enhanced with API, Webhooks, and Integrations, hospitals can ensure a unified approach to patient data collection. Such centralized data repositories ensure that irrespective of the department or specialist attending to the patient, they access the same exhaustive health profile, promoting interdepartmental collaboration and continuity of care.

Telemedicine Platforms

The surge in telemedicine demands robust, interactive tools to glean patient data remotely. The Patient Health Template, enriched with Conversational Forms, provides an avenue for patients to relay their health information in a structured yet interactive manner. Such a format ensures detailed data acquisition, mirroring the depth of in-person consultations, thereby equipping healthcare professionals with the requisite information for virtual medical evaluations.

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