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Resume Collection Form Template

Use this Resume Collection Form Template to make your online resume collection process more efficient. Besides, this form is designed using a conversational tone ensuring you strike a connection with your future employees right from the beginning.

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Features of Resume Collection Form Template

Streamline the resume collection process using resume collection form template

This Resume Collection Form Template can do everything from collecting resumes to comparing them! Here are a few wonders this template can do.

Sort your data

When collecting data through surveys or other means, it’s essential to be able to sort and analyze that data effectively. SurveySparrow offers various features to help you sort and analyze your data meaningfully.

Advanced report filters allow you to filter your data by specific criteria, such as date range, response status, and respondent details. This makes segmenting and analyzing your data easier based on specific parameters.

Cross-tabulation is a powerful feature that allows you to compare responses from different groups or segments of your data. For example, you can compare responses from different age groups, locations, or segments you want to analyze.

Sort your data based on time period, respondent details, location, etc. This lets you quickly identify patterns and trends in your data, which can help you make more informed decisions.

Collect Documents

Gather documents from your survey respondents easily. With this feature, you can create a survey with a section where the respondent can upload documents such as JPEGs, PDFs, videos, and audio files.

This feature is useful for collecting resumes, portfolios, or other supporting documents from job applicants or other respondents. Rather than asking the respondent to email or mail their documents separately, you can streamline the process by collecting everything through the survey.

The process is simple for the respondent. They can either upload a file or drag and drop it directly into the survey form. The uploaded file is securely stored on servers, ensuring the privacy and security of the document.

Once you have collected the documents, you can easily view and download them from the survey results page. This feature saves time and streamlines the process of gathering and organizing documents, making it easier to manage large volumes of applicants or respondents.

Device Compatible

The responsive feature allows job seekers to complete the form on any device they choose. Whether they prefer a laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet, the form will adjust and adapt to their device without hassle.

This feature is essential today when people use various internet access devices. By ensuring that your job application form is accessible on any device, you can reach a wider audience of potential applicants and make it easier for them to apply.

The responsive design of the job application form template will automatically adjust to fit any device’s screen size and resolution. This ensures that the form is easy to read and navigate, regardless of the device used to access it.

Multilingual Form

Create forms that support over 50 different languages. This is achieved through the inbuilt Google Translate feature, which enables the form to be automatically translated into the respondent’s preferred language.

This feature is handy for organizations that operate globally or have a diverse workforce, as it ensures that language is not a barrier to participation. With the ability to translate the form into multiple languages, respondents can complete it in their preferred language, improving response rates and overall engagement.

The multilingual form feature also helps create a more inclusive and diverse environment, allowing respondents to participate regardless of their language proficiency. This helps create a more equitable and fair process for all respondents.

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