Features of Resume Collection Form Template

Streamline the resume collection process. Make it fun and interactive.

From collecting resumes to comparing them, this Resume Collection Form Template can do it all! Here are a few wonders this template can do.

Sort Your Data

Use our features like advanced report filters, cross-tabulation to compare previous responses received, sort the data based on time-period, respondent-details, location and lots more based on your needs.

Collect Documents

Using this feature you can collect the documents of the new applicants directly through the survey. This collection form lets you accept jpegs, documents, videos and even audio files. Your respondent can either upload or drag and drop a file.

Device Compatible

Give the job seekers the leverage to select the device they’re comfortable with. This template goes amazingly well with a laptop, desktop, mobile phone or even a tablet without any hassle. This ensures that your form is accessible by anyone from anywhere.

Multilingual Form

This form template supports inbuilt google translator and is capable of translating over 50 languages. So, language is not a barrier anymore. Let your respondent answer in their own language.

See it, to believe it.

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