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Vendor Risk Assessment Questionnaire Template

Features of our Vendor Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Gauge vendor risks effortlessly with our Vendor Risk Assessment Questionnaire

With this vendor risk assessment questionnaire, you can ask a series of questions about the policies and procedures followed by a vendor to determine their level of risk. Moreover, you can easily share the questionnaire with them through channels where they’re most comfortable and get more responses. Here are more features that complete the cycle for effective risk mitigation.


A friendly approach to assessment is here! Give your vendors the ultimate flexibility to choose the device from which they want to take this vendor assessment questionnaire. Not a bad idea, right? Well, we’ll tell you more. Vendors or any third party can access the questionnaire and give their responses from any device ranging from personal computers to laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. This way, they can take the surveys at the time and place they’re most comfortable with and not bother about accessibility. Vendors can take surveys on the go, while they’re traveling, or even when they’re at home. This ensures maximum and improved response and completion rates that go up to a whopping 40%.

Interactive Question Types

Initiating assessments is no child’s play, especially regarding security matters; how you ask questions becomes crucial. Ask the right questions in the right way effortlessly. SurveySparrow offers a variety of interactive question types, such as yes or no, open-ended questions, website, contact forms, and more which can be used to gather more detailed information from vendors. These question types can be used to assess and gather information about different aspects of vendor risk, such as security controls, regulatory compliance, and necessary contact details. Take a quick peek at our vendor security assessment questionnaire template above, and better understand how you can tailor questions to get the best responses.


Customizability is the king of everything related to surveys and assessments. Having a ready-made template and being able to modify it to your organization’s specific requirements is something that every team wishes for. Well, here’s where your wish comes true. SurveySparrow offers a variety of customizable themes that can be used to create questionnaires quickly and easily. These themes can be modified to fit specific needs, such as changing the button colors or adding images/videos. You can also create your theme from scratch by mixing and matching your favorite colors. Go above and beyond and code your questionnaires perfectly using CSS customization. You can even white-label your questionnaire to reflect your brand identity by uploading your logo and adding fonts and color palettes.

Multiple Share Options

Sharing your questionnaires doesn’t have to be a tedious and difficult task anymore. Say hello to seamless survey sharing, which lets you distribute, share or circulate questionnaires through channels more than one. Circulate your forms via SMS or even email to add to the professional element. You can even create a URL and pass it to the vendors for easy viewing and filling. Circulate QR codes to them, which can be easily scanned to access the survey, hassle-free. You can also share it with the vendors through social media channels. You can also bring them to a single portal and circulate them easily. Collaboration channels such as Slack and MS Teams can also be utilized to ensure they receive the questionnaires. You can even try offline sharing mode in cases with limited internet connectivity.

Rich Reports

Do you know what makes this supplier risk assessment template complete? It is none other than the rich and powerful reporting and analytics modules. SurveySparrow provides you with advanced reporting and analytics tools that can be used to analyze vendor responses and identify imminent and potential risks easily. This way, organizations can make informed decisions about whether to engage with the vendor and decide what contractual agreements and risk mitigation measures may be necessary for employing the vendor for necessary services. Executive Dashboards can be well utilized to slice and dice huge chunks of data and gain a visual understanding of the responses. Journey charts can help you compare vendor characteristics over a particular time and help you effectively shape your vendor risk management program. You can generate customized and unlimited reports and add widgets and reporting filters. The data can be exported into various formats, such as PDF and SPSS, for further analysis and sharing with stakeholders.

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