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Veterinarian Employee Evaluation Form Template

Features of Veterinarian Performance Evaluation Template

Evaluate your staff with ease using this Veterinarian Employee Evaluation Template!

Why limit your staff evaluation to yourself? Let your clients speak what they felt! Besides, with them evaluating, you get a better picture of what they’re looking for and how you can up your game. This template comes with features that’ll make it easy for you. Read along to know how.

Customer NPS Questions

Add customer NPS questions to your evaluation template. Understand what your clients feel about you and their loyalty towards you. Furthermore, you can also analyze how happy they’re to be associated with you.

Sentiment Analysis

Yes! This template is equipped with sentiment analysis feature that allows you to understand the mood of your client. Segregate your responses based on the mood of your client for a better understanding of your business.

Sort Your Data

Use the advanced report filter available with this template that lets you compare and contrast all your responses. Sort your data based on the respondent details, time-period, questions, answers and many more. What ‘s more interesting is that you can save this view for future use.

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