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Choose Your Own Interactive Story Template

Features of the Choose Your Own Interactive Story Template

Make your narrative more attractive with our Choose Your Own Interactive Story Template

Who uses the Choose Your Own Interactive Story Template


Entertainment and Gaming Industry:

Entertainment companies can create catchy narratives for movies or games, where users’ decisions influence the story’s outcome, delivering an interactive experience. With this Choose Your Own Interactive Story template, audiences immerse themselves in the world of their favorite characters, affecting plot twists and turns, making the entertainment truly interactive and memorable.

Educational Institutions:

Educational institutions can design interactive lessons where students begin on a knowledge quest by making choices, making learning fun, and improving retention. This template transforms traditional educational content into an exciting journey where students engage actively, shape the learning process, and gather information more effectively.

Market Research Industry:

Market researchers can gather valuable insights by transforming surveys into inspiring stories that keep respondents intact and improve response rates. Through the power of storytelling, this template elevates the survey experience, engaging participants and encouraging honest feedback, resulting in deeper insights and data-driven decisions.

Healthcare Industry:

Healthcare providers can use the template to educate patients about various treatment options, helping them make informed decisions and improving patient engagement. By presenting medical information in an interactive narrative format, patients feel empowered to actively participate in their care journey, leading to a stronger patient-provider relationship.

How to Use the Choose Your Own Interactive Story Template



Craft your story using simple text and questions. SurveySparrow makes it easy to format your story and add images for a richer experience. Instead of boring text options, give your readers fun ways to choose their path. Include pictures, emojis, or even thumbs-up/down buttons to engage them. Modify themes, fonts, colors, and styles to match your brand.


SurveySparrow lets you easily integrate your story so your audience can enjoy it seamlessly. We help you integrate with any of your existing apps using Zapier, a third-party tool. For instance, Hubspot CRM can be used for ticket management and Google Sheet Integration helps to analyze data faster. Connect with apps hassle-free and start your journey with our interactive template.


Once you’re happy with your story, share it with the world! Share your interactive stories via email, SMS, links, QR codes, and social media. The engaging format will grab attention and keep your followers intact.


The platform helps you track the choices your audience makes. This lets you see the most popular paths and how your story flows. Analyze the data using analytical features with an executive dashboard and use the data to improve your story! See where readers drop off or which choices aren’t working and make adjustments to maximize engagement.



What are some features of SurveySparrow that support creating interactive stories?

Features include interactive choices, conditional branching, real-time insights, audience management, secure surveys, and custom workflows. These tools help craft, share, and analyze your interactive story for maximum engagement​​​​.

Can I integrate my interactive story with other applications?

SurveySparrow offers API, webhooks, and integrations to extend your story’s capabilities and connect with everyday applications. This flexibility allows for a seamless experience across different platforms.​

How does SurveySparrow ensure the security of the data collected through interactive stories?

SurveySparrow places a high priority on security, offering features like secure surveys that ensure your data and that of your respondents are protected. This includes GDPR compliance with data protection regulations and using encryption to safeguard information.

How does Skip/ Display logic in SurveySparrow enhance interactive stories?

Skip/Display Logic allows you to create complex narratives with multiple endings based on user choices, providing a personalized journey for each respondent. This feature is crucial for creating a truly immersive and engaging interactive story.

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