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Delphi Survey Template

Features of Delphi Survey Template

Get detailed insights with ease using this Delphi Survey Template

This template can provide you with a lot more information than just feedback. Read along to know more about the features.

Multilingual Form

Is language stopping you from sharing your survey to more people? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! This template supports over 50 languages and comes with an inbuilt google translator. In fact it also comes with a translator editor that lets you edit questions in the respective language!

Matrix Question Type

The matrix question type lets you shorten the survey and accommodate similar questions in one. This questionnaire comes with the matrix question type that can accept answers in multiple forms. It supports rating scale, texts, radio button, checkbox, and dropdown. Select the type while you’re designing the questionnaire.

Embedded Questionnaire

Embed your questionnaire easily on emails and make it easily accessible for your respondents. All you have to do is to generate the embed code once you’re done building the questionnaire. Once you have the generated code, simply copy and paste it to your destination. In case you want to embed the entire questionnaire, try out the inline embed feature.

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