Features of Fitness Questionnaire Template

More Features of Fitness Questionnaire Template

Use this fitness questionnaire template, with SurveySparrow to understand your customers’ fitness routines and preferences from various perspectives. The platform has dashboard that includes widgets which will help you visualize data more clearly. It also has other features, which we’ll go over below.

White Labeled Form

Own this questionnaire for gym clients as much as you own your brand. Allow the questionnaire to represent your gym brand and connect with potential customers. Add your logo, colors, images, and fonts following your brand guidelines. Introduce yourself through your brand as you become more familiar with their workout routine.

Gain Rich Insights

SurveySparrow includes the advanced report filters feature, which allows you to filter your reports by time, customer demographics, and other criteria. Customize this as a personal trainer client questionnaire and use the cross-tabulation feature to compare and contrast responses and identify patterns in client’s demand and fitness routine.

Send Automated Reminders

Set the number of days after which you want your customers to be reminded. Customers who have only partially completed or missed the questionnaire will receive automated reminder emails. Simply enter your reminder time, and the template will automatically send emails to your customers.

Customized Themes

Design your gym questionnaire carefully to connect with your clients more effectively. We’ve already created several themes for you. But wait, there’s more! We also allow you to completely customize the theme to make it your own. Add your images, fonts, and colors, and watch the magic happen!

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