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Partnership Application Form Template

Are you running a startup and on the lookout for new partnerships? Use this Partnership Application Form Template to gather all essential information and contact details from your potential partners or people reaching out to partner up. Streamline your process of data collection and improve efficiency!

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Features of Partnership Application Form Template

Start reaching out to partner up using our Partner Application Form Template

Use Cases of Partnership Application Form Template


Small Businesses:

Small businesses seeking to collaborate with other companies can utilize the form Template to simplify the application process. This platform allows small businesses to gather information from potential partners efficiently and facilitates smoother communication, leading to beneficial partnerships.


This template is highly beneficial for startups exploring strategic alliances or joint venture opportunities. Startups can now efficiently evaluate partnership proposals and identify compatible partners. Streamlining the application process also aids in initiating collaborations that drive growth.

Nonprofit Organizations:

Nonprofit organizations can leverage this template to expand their reach or implement new initiatives. This results in authentic partnership proposals from businesses, government agencies, or nonprofits. Through these collaborations, non-profits can advance their mission.

Educational Institutions:

Educational institutions aiming to partner with businesses, community organizations, or government agencies can employ the template. The partnership proposal can be for initiatives such as internships, research collaborations, or community outreach programs that mutually benefit the partners.

The Benefits of Partnership Application Form Template


File Upload Feature:

Using file upload feature the applicants can easily submit supporting documents or proposals alongside their application. This feature allows applicants to share additional context through documents, presentations, or portfolios.

Multi-language Support:

SurveySparrow has a built-in Google Translate feature and translates 130+ languages. This feature promotes inclusivity by covering partners from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Allows applicants to complete the form in their preferred language and welcomes broader participation.

Electronic Signatures:

The electronic signature functionality within the template allows partners to sign and submit the form digitally. This feature eliminates the need for physical paperwork, eases the approval process, and enhances efficiency.

Automated Follow-up Emails:

An Automated Follow-up Email feature is configured within the template. This feature sends personalized follow-up emails at predefined intervals, keeping applicants engaged and informed and facilitating prompt communication between users and applicants.

How to use the Partnership Application Form Template



Tailor the questions and customize font color, style, and themes that align with your brand. Our AI wing feature helps you tailor questions automatically, and the CSS customization feature can create or modify the appearance and layout of a template. Also, white labeling is for custom domain that enhances authenticity.


Multiple Integration options include Google Sheet Integration for data collection, Slack for smoother communication, and Zapier, a third-party tool to integrate with your existing applications. These integrations can manage the data collected from the form effectively.


SurveySparrow has multiple sharing options, including sharing via email, shareable links, WhatsApp, QR code, offline devices, and other social media platforms.The website embed feature allows users to access and complete the survey without leaving the website. Similarly, the inline/pop embed feature provides a seamless user experience.


Once the data has been collected through the application form, it has to be analyzed. SurveySparrow’s advanced analytical features and executive dashboard make the analysis process simpler. This dashboard breaks the data into bars, graphs, charts, etc. You can also export the collected data into PDF for further analysis.


How can SurveySparrow help you reach out to potential partners?


SurveySparrow is a one-stop solution for refining experiences through interactive surveys. Create any type of visually stunning and engaging surveys with SurveySparrow. Integrate with your favorite tools, analyze your responses, and get real-time reports.

Our user-friendly interactive form makes partnership building easy and efficient by attracting potential partners. This platform’s advanced analytics help in informed decision-making and nurture valuable partnerships.

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