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Immunization Record Form Template

Features of Immunization Records Form Template

More Features of Immunization Record Form Template

Vaccination campaigns consist of numerous data to store for children or adult patients. You can use many integrations supported by this vaccination record form template. Google Sheet Integration can be handy for you to maintain and sort out patients’ data with ease. Let’s look into some more features below.

Connect with Integrations

As said, this template functions as a tool with numerous integrations. Toggle your preferred integration from the list. It seems that you aren’t able to find your choice of integration. We also have a solution for this. Connect with Zapier to discover other different types of integrations.

Go Offline

It’s sometimes hard to get internet connections in remote areas. The offline feature of this template for vaccination records allows your patients, doctors, and nurses to fill out the details of respective patients after vaccination is done.

Multi-Device Compatible

Create covid-19 vaccine record form template that will work on any device, including a tablet, computer, or cell phone. For the convenience of your respondents, SurveySparrow offers mobile-first templates. Your patients, doctors, and nurses can access those on the go anytime and from any location.

Display/Skip Logic

It doesn’t make sense to bombard your patients, doctors, and nurses with irrelevant questions. SurveySparrow provides some intriguing solutions for that. Display/skip logic is one of the more useful ones. Use the Display/Skip Logic to skip all questions and go straight to the Thank you page or Display questions based on their previous selections.

Library of Question Types

Select from various question types, including drop-down, multiple-choice, picture-based, date, contact form, matrix type, and many others. You can also make your immunization records forms more engaging by including emoticons.

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