Features of our Post Implementation Review Checklist Template

Measure project outcomes easily with this Post Implementation Review Checklist

This post implementation review checklist helps you achieve more than just a formal review by presenting you with more features. Once you are in the phase post-implementation, roll out a checklist with inbuilt logics and customizations. And, you can let your peers complete their reviews on any device. Read on to learn more about these add-ons.

Highly Secure

Not all data concerning post project reviews is meant to be out in the public. Surveys meant to analyze such reviews may also be meant for a select group, such as a team or a department. This is where password protected surveys come into play. Limit access to surveys easily by enabling password protection on the settings. This way, respondents are prompted to enter a password before viewing the questions. IP address tracking can also be used in cases where you need to prevent spamming and keep a record of the IP addresses for tracking respondents.

Smart Surveys

Post- implementation checklists contain a lot of yes or no questions to which respondents may or maynot respond in your favour. In such a scenario, it is important to be prepared for both and structure the upcoming questions in a personalized fashion. This is where skip and display logics become all the more valuable. Custom params, on the other hand, lets you create and use one single survey for multiple needs such as post implementation reviews of different projects. You can track and filter out responses with respect to specific tags. More personalization, more insights!

White-labeled forms

Take white-labeling to different levels by owning everything about your post project review. If you opt for a URL share, you could brand the URL with your company domain. This way, your team feels secure sharing sensitive information. Add your company logo to the survey to nurture trust. Use your fonts, add favicons, bring in your colour palettes and make it yours. If you want more, there’s always room for CSS customizations. With secure SSL connections, you can share surveys without the worry that someone will access the responses.

Tailor-made themes

Complete your smart surveys by adding a pinch of beauty and combining it with class and colours. Choose from the extensive library of templates or create your own theme right from scratch. Quick tip: You could take inspiration from our implementation checklist template and design a beautiful checklist for yourself. You could also add image or video backgrounds to your post project reviews to make them all the more purposeful.


Device compatibility becomes all the more important when you are catering to a mixed audience with varying preferences. At the same time, some might prefer completing the review process from their work devices while some might find it more convenient to complete the same on the go on their mobile devices. Give your team the flexibility to review according to their comfort and convenience. This way you get higher response and completion rates.

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