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Mid Year Performance Review Template

Ease out the daunting task of employee performance review with this Mid Year Performance Review Template. This employee review template is equipped with features like cross-tabulation, and real-time reporting to gain rich insights.

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Features of Mid Year Performance Review Template

More Features of Mid Year Performance Review Template

White Label

Customize the mid year review template the way you want. Remove SurveySparrow branding and add your own logo. Change the background to blend with your company branding. You can choose from pre designed themes. Use a CSS editor to code your own background. Get a custom domain of your choice to share the employee review template..

Export Reports

Export responses in cvs, excel, or pdf format. You can choose to delete any question, or any column. Simply click on the download button and get the report on your device. Reports can be used to analyze data in a third party tool. Import the report and do your analyses. Conduct your mid year performance reviews with no hassles.

Executive Dashboard

View data from different perspectives using widgets, graphs, charts, and filters in our dashboards. Slice and dice the data, get detailed insights, understand your employees better. Visualize data, take strategic decisions, and help your employees grow by building a great workplace.

Set Reminders

Get better response rates by sending repeated reminders. Configure the frequency of reminders and time interval between them in the settings, customize the email content as per your needs, and trigger. The reminders can be sent to either partial respondents, or non-respondents.

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