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Site Inspection Checklist Template

Features of Site Inspection Checklist Template

More Features of Site Inspection Checklist Template

Every construction site must be inspected per safety rules and maintain quality measures. From the enormous archive of question types, you can choose queries per your needs for better customization of your inspection checklist template. You also have the privilege of securing the data of your on-site measures with high-end encryption. SurveySparrow includes a plethora of features. Let’s see a few among them below.

Obtain Dates

You can rapidly get the inspection date by using our separate date-type question. Additionally, you can get both the time and the date from the same query. The question also has an on/off switch for the calendar.

Notification via email

Do you need to check the form frequently to see if it has been filled out? That is no longer necessary. This feature allows you to receive email notifications whenever someone fills out one of your forms, eliminating the need for you to continuously monitor the dashboard. Rest easy and maintain your composure.

Ready for Multiple Devices

You cannot bring your laptop with you for on-site inspections. While keeping this in mind, this site visit checklist template emphasizes mobile adaptability for user ease. It is now simple for your inspection specialists to view your form whenever they need it from any device. Thanks to the multi-device compatibility.

Skip/Display Logic

Asking pertinent questions is preferable over barraging your inspection with irrelevant ones. Allow your template to display or conceal a question based on the past responses by your respondents. This expedites the form-filling procedure.

Set Reminders

It makes sense that inspection processes take place frequently. Let SurveySparrow set a reminder for you if you want information on site inspection on time. This tool automatically reminds respondents to provide their acknowledgment promptly by sending them an email at a predetermined frequency.

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