Features of New Customer Registration Form Template

More Features of New Customer Registration Form Template

Our New Customer Registration Form Template is designed to make your life easier in terms of registering new clients. SurveySparrow features that not just registers your customers but also helps you to understand but also sorts your data as per your requirements.

Voice Transcription

Make it easy for your clients. Let them answer the open ended questions just by speaking instead of writing long sentences. All you have to do is turn on the voice transcription feature while you’re building the form. And when your customer is filling up the form they’ll simply click on the mic and start speaking!

Go Offline

Planning to visit your customer at their place and get the form filled? Or setting up kiosks to get your clients registered on the spot? No matter how convenient this setup is for your new customers, the internet connectivity might be a constraint. But, we’ve got covered there too! Simply download our offline application on your device. You can set a time and all your data will automatically get uploaded to your server.

Gain Rich Insights

This customer registration form from our box comes with features like cross tabulation, advanced reports filtering that enables you to view all your data in one place. You can view reports of multiple forms too. Sort your responses based on the answers, questions, time-period, respondent details and more!

Customized Themes

Welcome your customers with beautiful aesthetics. Use this New Customer Form Template and use multiple preset themes to beautify it. You can also customize the themes according to your needs. Play around with fonts, colors, images and tailor make it. You can also customize the CSS accordingly!

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