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Consumer Behaviour Questionnaire Template

The consumer behaviour questionnaire template asks questions to your consumers and helps you assess the success or failure of your business. Every consumer has a different behaviour pattern, taste, and need. To identify the right set, companies conduct a consumer behaviour survey.

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All About Consumer Behavior Surveys!

What is a consumer behavior survey?

Consumer behavior survey consists of questions asked to the existing customers of a product or a brand about their current preferences, and future decisions of buying the product in case of upgrades. The survey also includes questions on earning capabilities of the customers and general feedback on the product to know their mindset.

The survey gives brands a clear direction on how they can make their products and services better, and tap potential customers by understanding the areas of improvement.

What factors affect consumer behavior?

Even after collecting exhaustive demographic data about customers, many marketing campaigns can go without any evident results. A proper understanding of shifts in consumer behaviors is a must to hit the nail with your marketing campaigns.

Consumer behaviors are driven by five types of factors,

Psychological Factors
These factors are not quantifiable and are mostly dependent on the state of mind of the consumers. These include motivation to buy the product, how your consumers perceive your product through advertisements, and what attitudes they have towards your product based on their experiences on a similar product from a different brand.

Social Factors
These are based on their family, friends, and close ones. Word of mouth publicity plays a crucial role in influencing social factors. Consumers would likely buy the product if recommended by their family member, friend or any social acquaintances as they see a live experience of it’s benefits or disadvantages.

Cultural Factors
These depend on the region consumers are based. Brands may have to change the appearance, taste, or features of a product or service based on the cultural values of the region. We’re all driven consciously or subconsciously by the way of life our ancestors lived.

Economic Factors
These are related to the financial income of the consumers. This is an important factor for brands while arriving at the pricing of a product or service. Through consumer behavior surveys, companies collect information like yearly income, nature of occupation, members in a family, etc from their target customers and design their products accordingly.

Personal Factors
These are related to a gender, age and lifestyle an individual prefers to have. For example, for a music streaming platform, a high earning individual who is not a music fan can have less potential than a college student who is part of a rock band as a hobby.

What are the must ask questions in a consumer behavior survey?

Based on the five factors mentioned above, every question asked in a consumer behavior survey can be related to any of these. So, here are the five questions that must be asked in a consumer behaviour survey,

What motivated you to buy our product?
Would you recommend our product to your friends and family?
What are the three things that you like most about the product?
What is your yearly income?
What is your age?

Here’s a quick video on more about consumer research. Take a look at it!

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