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Vehicle Inspection Checklist Template

This Vehicle Inspection Checklist Template is a short and crisp checklist that covers all the points to necessary points to ensure the safety of your vehicle. This checklist can be customized to a T and is straightforward without any jibber-jabber.

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Features of Vehicle Inspection Checklist Template

More Features of Vehicle Inspection Checklist Template

We understand how important it is to ensure that your vehicle is working fine at all times. Thus, we’ve designed this Vehicle Inspection Checklist that covers all the questions to understand the condition of your vehicle.

Upload Picture

The upload picture question type lets the inspector upload a picture of the vehicle directly while filling up the checklist. This enables you to reduce the turnaround time eventually expediting the process of inspection. Besides, uploading a picture immediately while inspecting let’s make further decisions more effectively.

Accept Signature

Record the details of the inspector and allow them to sign the document to avoid any confusion going further. Add the Signature question type to your checklist and let your inspector draw, upload or type their signature.

Library of Question Types

Apart from signature and upload picture question type, our automobile inspection checklist provides you with a variety of multiple other question types. Select the most appropriate ones based on the answer you expect from your respondent. This reduces the effort of your respondent and fast forwards the inspection process. Customize the present set of questions, and use it as a car inspection checklist, truck inspection checklist, or as a vehicle inspection form for a van.

Survey Themes

Irrespective of the purpose of the checklist, a smart and beautiful survey will always get you extra brownie points! So, we have crafted some beautiful preset themes to choose from, or you could also create your own. Add images, fonts, colors according to your choice. You can also customize the CSS in just a couple of clicks.

Real-Time Reporting

This daily or weekly vehicle inspection checklist comes with a real-time reporting feature. The beauty of this feature is that it stores the data immediately after the response hits the Submit button. Thus ruling out chances of any human error. Besides, it escalates the process of saving the data and working upon it.

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