Features of Hair Salon New Client Form Template

Onboard and handle new clients easily with this Hair Salon New Client Form Template

Still thinking? Never mind! We’ve got more features to convince you! Read along to know more.

Tailor-Made Themes

Why restrict your form to our designs? Customize it just the way you like it! This template comes with pre-built themes. You can either use them or could pick any themes and customize it as per your needs. You can play around with the images, fonts, and color themes. Add images or videos as background to make it more interactive. Besides, you can also use customized URLs to host the form.

Voice Recording Feature

Give your respondents a break from typing out long answers. This template comes with a voice transcription that lets your respondents record their answers. Just turn on the voice transcription feature while designing the form. This will in turn activate the microphone button. And your new clients can press the button to start recording their answers.

Embedded Form

This form can easily be embedded on your website or your emails, Generate the embed code as you finish designing the template. Copy and paste the generated code to your destination and done! You can also embed the entire form on your email. Just turn on the inline-embed feature before generating the embed code and follow the same process

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