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Hair Salon New Client Form Template

On board and handle your new clients of your hair salon & spa easily. Use this Hair Salon New Client Form. Apart from being customizable to a T, this hair salon template comes with many other features that lets you keep a track of clients in one go!

Use This Template

Features of Hair Salon New Client Form Template

Onboard and handle new clients easily with this Hair Salon New Client Form Template


How to use the Hair Salon New Client Form Template



Personalized Fields: Use various question type options in the template to include fields for contact details, preferred service types, hair type, known allergies, and previous medical care histories.

Branding and Styling: Revamp the form by applying graphics, coloring, and logos that conform with the salon’s design by applying the white labeling feature that will give the clients the right impression.


Integration with Scheduling Tools: Incorporate the form with customer management software that you use, like excel, where you can export the form data in it with ease. It simplifies booking, and records are updated on time.


Multiple Access Points: Distribute it through platforms such as the salon’s site, Facebook, emails and newsletters, and QR codes inside the salon, which is possible with the multiple sharing option feature. It facilitates the convenient entry of new customers into the business.

In-Person and Online Options: Let clients complete the form at your salon (at reception) or via an online questionnaire integrated into your website using API integration.


Real-Time Responses and Alerts: Through the survey system, one can quickly get live answers with the platform’s executive dashboard and immediately alert the salon staff on a fresh response to a form filled. This makes it possible to prepare quickly before an appointment with the client.


FAQs on Hair Salon New Client Form Template


What are the customization options available for the form template?

Our form template offers tailor-made themes, allowing you to customize the design to suit your needs. You can modify images, fonts, color themes, and even add interactive backgrounds like images or videos. Additionally, you can use customized URLs to host your form, providing a unique and personal touch.

Can I make the form more interactive and less typing-intensive for respondents?

Yes, our template includes a voice recording feature. This allows respondents to record their answers instead of typing them out. Simply enable the voice transcription feature when designing your form, which will activate a microphone button for respondents to record their responses easily.

Is it possible to embed the form on my website or in emails?

Absolutely. The form is designed for easy embedding on websites or in emails. Once you’ve finished designing your form, generate an embed code and copy-paste this code to your desired location. For embedding directly in emails, enable the inline-embed feature before generating the embed code and follow the same process to incorporate it seamlessly into your emails.

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