Features of Patient Information Form Template?

More Features Patient Information Form Template

Understanding patients is just as important as consulting with them. Knowing them will help you provide better service. Taking feedback manually, however, can be a time-consuming chore, which is why we produced the Patient Information Form Template for your convenience. This survey can provide you with a clear image of the patient’s information.

Group your audience

List your patients’ information gathered from the template into categories based on troubles they’re having, insurance information, department categorization, and other factors that suit your needs. You will also be able to edit lists at any moment and create a survey based on the categories you’ve created.

Multi-Device Compatible

Construct patient information forms that work on every device, including tablets, desktops, and smartphones. We design forms as mobile-first for patients’ convenience. It may be an excellent option for collecting patient information via an offline form.

Forms Shares with Ease

Scannable QR code for your offline or online forms. The code image can be printed on brochures, posters, or receipts. Stick it up somewhere in your hospital so that people can scan the QR code to access the survey. If respondents live far away from your hospital, text your forms to them for their convenience.

Recurring Forms

Why send forms manually when you can automate them? Plan and distribute periodic forms. Set any frequency you desire for your patient group, whether it’s daily, weekly, quarterly, or every 7th month.

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