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Patient Satisfaction Survey Template

Use our conversational patient satisfaction survey template to find out what your patients need and serve them better. Unless you survey your patients, you’ll never know if you’ve done your best. This patient satisfaction questionnaire is useful for both small clinics and multispeciality hospitals.

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Features of this Patient Satisfaction Survey Template

Collect patient feedback in a conversational way!


Challenges Faced by Hospitals and Clinics


Gathering valuable patient feedback is crucial for improving healthcare delivery and patient experience. However, hospitals and clinics often encounter several challenges in this process:

1. Low Response Rates

Too many feedback requests can lead to decreased participation, while traditional methods like paper surveys may exclude some patients or be inaccessible due to complexity. Even if the patient feedback survey is digital, if it consists of boring questions and answers then respondents would not participate. The timing and context of surveys matter – patients may be overwhelmed during appointments or forget details if the survey comes too late.

2. Ensuring Anonymity

Ensuring patient anonymity presents its own set of hurdles. Striking a balance between anonymity and personalization can be difficult, as addressing specific concerns or offering personalized improvements may require identifying the patient. Additionally, not all digital platforms offer anonymity features, raising concerns about data security and privacy. In cases where anonymity cannot be ensured, some patients might even hesitate to provide honest feedback, fearing potential repercussions impacting their future care.

3. Other Challenges

Some healthcare institutions may not have enough resources to implement programs for creating and sharing surveys, analyzing the data. Also, extracting meaningful insights from the collected data can be a complex task requiring specific expertise. Closing the feedback loop by communicating the results and demonstrating how patient input is used to improve care is also overlooked sometimes.


Benefits of this Patient Satisfaction Survey Template


Increased Engagement, Higher Response Rates

Our template feels more like a friendly conversation, making it easy and engaging for patients to complete. This increases response rates and gives you a richer understanding of their experiences. Plus, with a professional and customizable design, you build trust and familiarity, encouraging patients to share openly.

Collect Anonymous Feedback

Gather honest and unfiltered feedback with our anonymous survey features. Patients feel empowered to share their true experiences, free from the fear of retribution. This allows you to identify areas for improvement and address concerns that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Affordable and Accessible

Whether you require a comprehensive paid plan with advanced features or a free plan for basic needs, SurveySparrow caters to diverse budgets. This ensures everyone can access the powerful benefits of collecting valuable patient insights.

Sentiment Analysis

Uncover the emotional pulse behind responses. Our sentiment analysis feature helps you delve deeper into open-ended answers, generating word clouds that visually represent the emotional tone of patient feedback. This allows you to understand not only their words but also their underlying feelings and concerns.

HIPAA Compliance

Maintain the highest standards of data security and patient privacy. SurveySparrow is fully HIPAA compliant, guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of patient information.


How to use this patient satisfaction survey template


Step 1: Customize the template

Choose background colors and fonts that align with your hospital’s or clinic’s identity. You can even add a video background for a more engaging touch. Design a customizable welcome page and a personalized thank-you page to show your patients you appreciate their feedback. Add or remove specific demographics relevant to your needs. Utilize the AI wing feature to rephrase existing patient satisfaction survey questions for improved clarity, or use custom CSS for advanced customization and a truly unique survey experience.

Step 2. Integrate with third party apps

Integrate SurveySparrow with various third-party applications like payment gateways or email marketing platforms, eliminating manual data transfer and saving you time and effort. Automatically record all responses directly to your Google Sheet for seamless data analysis and record-keeping.

Step 3. Share

Share your survey with patients using various methods like links, SMS, email, social media posts, or even embed it directly on your website. Additionally, generate unique QR codes for patients to scan and access the survey conveniently.

Step 4. Gain Valuable Insights

Once the survey is complete, export your data to a CSV file for further analysis in your preferred spreadsheet software. You can also use the built-in dashboard filters and widgets to visualize your results and gain valuable insights into patient demographics, trends, and overall satisfaction.

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