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Freight Quote Form Template

Features of Freight Quote Form Template

Provide solutions faster with this Freight Quote Form Template!

This template comes loaded with features that lets you do a lot more than just understand your client requirements. Read along to know how you can make the most out of this form.

Real-time Solution

Why waste time in responding to your respondents? Provide them with real-time solutions. The case management feature of this template enables you to convert responses into tickets and lets you connect with your respondents directly through their inbox. Strike a conversation with your clients and provide them with the best possible quotes in just a few clicks!

Multilingual Form

You heard us right! Now you can allow your clients to fill out the form in any language they’re comfortable with. This template supports over 50 languages. Besides, we also have the inbuilt google translator to help you with the translation. You can even edit the translation using the translation editor tool.

Assortment of Question Types

This freight quote request form template comes with a wide range of question types. From text-based open ended questions to multiple choice, from drop down to matrix, from contact form to phone number, email type – this template is equipped with all. Choose the most appropriate type of question based on your needs.

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