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Features of Technical Skills Assessment Questionnaire Template

Purpose and Use of Skill Assessment Test

What is technical skill assessment?

Technical skills assessments tests are used by companies to understand the technical skills and abilities of a candidate before hiring, or of an employee before giving promotion. The questions asked in the test are only related to job skills so that companies can identify if the candidate or employee can successfully perform the tasks. These tests are conducted by asking candidates to fill up a technical skill assessment questionnaire. The decisions are taken based on the test scores. Our customizable technical skill assessment template consists of the right questions to ask your candidate.

Why is the technical skill assessment test better than other assessment methods?

Every step in the hiring process is actually a skill assessment. Right from screening the resume, getting to know about the candidate from references, background checks, and face-to-face interviews. But, what makes skill assessment different is its credibility of it. Once the candidate or employee gives the test you have the scores. This tangible measure makes it crystal clear if you should go ahead. In other assessments, say interviews, there are chances that the candidate may lie about their skills. This is the reason why companies are using skill assessment surveys nowadays.

Why conduct technical skills performance reviews in your organization?

Before every appraisal, a manager or team lead evaluates every team member’s performance. Since appraisals happen once in a year or six months, it’s practically unrealistic to measure employee performance on the basis of one or two face-to-face meetings. So things can get unnoticed, and there can be serious miscommunication and misunderstanding between an employee and manager. In such cases having a tangible measure certainly helps.

A simple technical skill assessment test can be conducted for employees by asking skill survey questions. If an employee qualifies for the test, he can be considered for promotion.

You can use this template by customizing it into an employee skill assessment questionnaire.

Is a skill assessment test the only tool to measure employee performance?

No. Skill survey questionnaires measure only one aspect of employees’ performance. They consider an employee useless if they don’t qualify for the test. However, that is not the case. An employee may have some unique ability. To discover it, a number of face-to-face meetings need to be conducted. Also, when the number of candidates is high, administering every test result can reduce the speed of hiring. So, to what extent a skill assessment questionnaire is to be used and how much weightage must be given to the scores totally depends on the organization.

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