Features of Wholesale Account Application Form Template

More Features of Wholesale Account Application Form Template

Using SurveySparrow, you can make this wholesale account application process conversational and easy for the customers. Customize this whole application template using our builder. Keep an eye on all responses in a single dashboard. Give personalized attention to every account holder.

Google Sheet Integration

Toggle ON the google sheet integration and record all responses in a single sheet. Use features of sheets to segment data, based on regions, type of product, or any other demographics. You can access the sheet instantly from the integration tab.

Attractive User Interface

Choose from our collection of themes, use emojis, gifs, and interactive messages in between asking questions. Make the wholesale application form filling experience engaging and stand out as a brand from your competitors.

Ticket Management

Create tickets in case the applicant is having any discrepancies. Once the wholesale account application form is filled, create cases and assign them to your team members and collaborate on the platform. Get email notification for every message shared. Streamline communication between your team members, no hassles!


Use third party integrations to kick start an entire cycle of wholesalers’ touchpoints. After they apply for an account, trigger an email asking their requirements. Collect feedback at regular intervals and track the improvements using widgets, graphs and charts in our dashboard.

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