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Marketing Strategy Questionnaire Template

This marketing strategy questionnaire template allows businesses to gather information and develop a well-defined marketing plan. It helps identify your target market, analyze the competition, set achievable goals, and determine the best marketing tactics to reach your audience.

The questionnaire is usually filled out by marketing managers, CEOs, marketing team members, and sales teams.

Use This Template

Why use this Marketing Strategy Questionnaire Template?

Build a winning plan with this marketing strategy questionnaire


Benefits of this Marketing Strategy Questionnaire Template


Conversational Style

The questionnaire’s conversational user interface (UI) makes answering questions fun and interactive. You can use gifs, emojis, or personalized messages to engage respondents, creating a lively experience. Plus, with variables, you can address respondents by their name, adding a personal touch.

Multiple Format

Choose how you want to present your questions. Opt for one question per screen for a focused approach, or have all questions on a single page, divided into sections for a comprehensive view. This flexibility allows you to create a multi-page questionnaire that suits your needs.

File Upload

Collect relevant documents, such as sample strategy ideas, directly within the questionnaire using the file upload feature. Access these documents later in the dashboard for easy reference and collaboration.

Downloadable PDF Version

Need to fill out the questionnaire manually or keep a record? No problem. Download a PDF version of the questionnaire for offline use or record management purposes.

Shareable Dashboard

Share your dashboard report with team members using a shareable link. This allows your team to access and collaborate on the findings, helping you come up with great marketing strategies together.


Integrations to help you create marketing strategies


SurveySparrow connects seamlessly with various third-party tools, transforming this questionnaire into a dynamic solution beyond mere inquiries and responses.

These integrations empower you to execute your marketing strategy efficiently.


This integration enables you to effortlessly capture new leads, associate survey data with existing contacts, and even incorporate feedback surveys into your ongoing marketing campaigns.


Ideal for managing your email marketing list, Mailchimp integration allows you to create or update your Mailchimp subscribers based on survey responses. This functionality enables you to segment your audience effectively and target them with tailored campaigns.

Google Sheets/Excel Online

These integrations streamline the process of syncing your survey responses with Google Sheets or Excel Online. This simplifies data analysis and facilitates sharing insights with your team.

SurveySparrow Audience

For those planning to establish a dedicated survey respondent panel, this integration offers seamless management of contacts within SurveySparrow. This feature enhances organization and efficiency in survey administration.


How to use this template?


Step 1: Customize

Personalize your SurveySparrow questionnaire with custom colors, fonts, and videos. Edit welcome/thank-you pages, add/remove fields, rephrase with AI, and apply CSS for detailed design adjustments.

Step 2: Share

Sync your questionnaire data effortlessly by integrating with apps like HubSpot, Zapier, and Mailchimp, streamlining workflows and enhancing campaign engagement across platforms.

Step 3: Integrate

Distribute your questionnaire widely via link, SMS, email, social media, webpage embed, or QR code, ensuring easy access and maximized respondent engagement.

Step 4: Results

Monitor and analyze responses in the SurveySparrow dashboard. Export data, use filters, and apply widgets to visualize insights, guiding your marketing strategy decisions.

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