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Employee Incentive Questionnaire Template

This employee incentive questionnaire helps companies to know employee satisfaction levels with respect to incentive programs. The template consists of well-researched questions to ask employees about rewards and recognition at the workplace. Check out the preview now!

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Features of Employee Incentive Questionnaire Template

More Features of Employee Incentive Questionnaire

Make it effortless for the employees to give feedback on their satisfaction level with respect to incentive program. Use the features and integrations of SurveySparrow to make the form interesting.

Variety of Question Types

Add various question types in your employee recognition questionnaire and collect different types of answers from the employees. Use rating type of questions to know how satisfied the employees are with the benefits offered. You can also add multiple choice questions types to collect necessary details of the employees.

Conversational UI

Make the questionnaire conversational with your employees by asking them questions pertaining to their preference and their experience with the incentive program. Keep your employees engaged by adding gifs, short messages and emojis in your form.

Slack & Microsoft teams Integration

Integrate your form with daily communication apps such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. Share the form directly with your employees over this platform. With just a single click you can forward this employee incentive program form to all your employees directly.

White Labeling

Use our builder to customize the form with your own themes, fonts and colors. Add brand logo in your form and establish trust with your employees. This feature makes the form look authentic to the employees. With this feature you can also create a URL of your own with the company’s name in it.

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