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Employee Engagement Survey Template

Features of Employee Engagement Survey Template

Expand the horizons of employee potential using this employee engagement survey template

Know your employees and staff better. Help them come out of their comfort zone and give their best performance using this employee engagement survey template.

Library of Question Types

The employee engagement survey questionnaire allows you to collect extensive data by using a plethora of question types such as rating types, multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions, rank-based questions, NPS questions, and many others. There are over 15 different types of employee survey questions in our library.

Sentimental Analysis

Toggle on the sentiment analysis for open-ended questions and get word clouds for the responses. Understand the exact emotions of the employees by the answers and the types of words used by them the most in the employee engagement survey. Know the direction in which you need to put your efforts and achieve results faster. Seek out the directions to put more effort and achieve the results faster.

Executive Dashboard

The executive dashboard lets you visualize the survey data through different graphs, charts, and widgets. Make strategic decisions to improve employee engagement template samples accordingly by following the latest trends. You can also share the employee engagement feedback with the manager. The positive comments will motivate the company and the negative ones will help them in making the necessary changes.

Device Friendly

This feature comes in handy, especially for employees with a busy work schedule. Employees can fill the employee engagement survey on their mobile phones, tablets, or devices of any screen size. Survey Sparrow templates are responsive to any screen, which means the design adjusts itself smoothly without any misalignment.

Ticket Management

Create tickets based on the different ratings and feedback given by the employee in Ticket management dashboard. You can enable email notification for every response, and in case immediate attention is needed, create a ticket and assign it to anyone from your team. Be in constant communication with every employee and stay updated on every requirement they need.

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