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First 90 Days On The Job Template

Features of our first 90 days on the job template.

More Features of First 90 Day On The Job Template

Collecting feedback from a new employee is never to be missed. After 90 days, the employee has spent enough time understanding the work culture, co-workers, and the company policies. So, this is the right time to trigger a 90 day new hire survey. Customize this first 90 day on the job template the way you want, conduct 90 day check-ins. Here are some features of SurveySparrow that’ll help you in this process.

Executive Dashboard

Collect all responses in a dashboard and use widgets, graphs and charts to analyze them. Based on the responses to 90 day questions for new hires, know the scope of improvement and make your workplace better with time.

Sentiment Analysis

For open ended questions, enable sentiment analysis. The dashboard will generate a word cloud to highlight the most frequently used words as responses to 90 day check in questions for employees. This helps you understand the exact sentiments of your employees and pin down the area of improvement.

Library of Question Types

Use different question types from our builder to build a comprehensive 90 day new hire survey. Use multiple choice questions, rating scale questions, open ended questions, etc. With different types of questions, the survey is not monotonous and you collect comprehensive information.

Set Reminder

Configure reminders for partial and non respondents. Set the time interval and frequency, and forget! SurveySparrow will send reminder emails to the employees. You can also write your own email content.

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