Features of this Parent Satisfaction Survey Template

More Features of Parent Satisfaction Survey Template

With more than 15 features, SurveySparrow helps you not just collect feedback. It’s a complete experience management tool. At every touchpoint, you collect information, analyze it, and come up with insightful information that’ll help you take better decisions for your educational institution. You can customize this parent satisfaction survey template using the survey builder.

Set Reminder

Every parent may not be enthusiastic to complete your survey. You may compel them to start a survey but not complete it. They may leave many parent satisfaction survey questions unanswered. Use our reminder feature to nudge those partial responders and send reminder emails to non-respondents. Get a higher completion rate, better data, better understanding of areas of improvement. Give the best possible facilities to your students.

White Label Survey

A host of white labeling features enable you to own this parent satisfaction survey. It starts with customizing the background, button colors, and the chat avatar (if you’re using it as a chatbot). You can even add a video background to enhance the respondent’s experience and stand out from the competition. Then, with a custom link feature, you can have your brand name in the link. Respondents trust you more when they see your name in the link and are likely to complete the survey. At the thankyou screen, remove SurveySparrow branding and use yours!

QR Code

You can generate a unique QR code for your parent feedback survey and display it in your administration office or principals’ office. Parents visiting your office can scan the QR code and submit the survey right away! If you are using this in a college or university, you can place different QR codes in different departments and collect responses separately.

Executive Dashboard

Our executive dashboard is the central administrative office of all your responses. The dashboard consists of different widgets and graphs to help you understand the trend over time. Use journey charts, pie charts, bar charts, stacked charts, word cloud, and many other tools that will give you eye-opening insights. Keep a bird-eye view over all your data.

Conversational Text Messages

Taking a parent feedback survey with us is not just asking the right questions. It is about having a conversation with them and extracting candid responses. Customize this parent survey template and add interactive messages. Get the tone right, and engage parents to achieve a higher completion rate. Surveys created with SurveySparrow have been consistently giving a completion rate of at least 40%.

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