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Parental Involvement Survey Questionnaire For Students

Features of Parental Involvement Survey Questionnaire For Students

More Features of Parental Involvement Survey Questionnaire for Students

Personalize students’ experience by asking them questions pertaining to their parents’ involvement with the school. Use features of SurveySparrow to make the parental involvement questionnaire engaging.

Bundle of Question Types

Use our builder to add various types of questions in the parent involvement questionnaire. Add rating type of question to know the parental or family involvement in students’ curriculum. Having multiple question types in the questionnaire lets you collect different types of answers from the respondents.

Conversational UI

Interact with students through parent survey template by adding emojis, gifs and short messages in it. Students will find the questionnaire to be engaging and will concentrate properly while answering the questions. This feature gives enriching experience to the students while filling the form.

Multiple Sharing Option

Share this parent survey template on multiple channels. You can embed this questionnaire in email, share via SMS and also circulate web link of the questionnaire among all the students. This survey can be accessed by the students easily on any communication app.

Device Friendly

This parental involvement survey is compatible with multiple devices irrespective of their screen size. You can fill this form on smartphones, laptop and tablets. This gives students an option to fill the form instantly anywhere.

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