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Personal Release Form Template

Features of Personal Release Form Template

More Features of Personal Releases Form Template

Film an individual photo or video and use them for your project by using this personal form. Use the features of SurveySparrow to make the form interesting.

Variety of Question Types

Use our builder to add various question types in the personal release form. Add contact form question type to collect the necessary details such as name, address, phone number, email-id, designation of the respondent. Add consent question type to let the respondent agree on terms and policies.

Beautiful Surveys

Design your film release form by applying video background or image background in the form. You can add various colors, fonts, emojis in the form to make it look visually appealing for the respondents using our builder.

Share at Ease

Generate a short URL with the company’s name in it and share it on multiple channels. You can share the filming release form template via SMS, embed in email and share web links over daily communication platforms.

Display/Skip Logic

This movie release form is equipped with a display or skip logic feature. You can turn on the display logic to your question where it will be displayed or skipped based on the previous answers. This feature lets you filter the responses based on the answers chosen by respondents. This minimizes the filling up time of the form.

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