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Patient Registration Form Template

Features of Patient Registration Form Template

Enhance Patient Registration with Essential Features


SurveySparrow integrations that can help you with Patient Registrations


Integration with Data Management Tools

Integrating patient registration forms with Google Sheets allows automatic data export, creating a centralized database for easy access, analysis, and sharing among healthcare staff. Excel Online offers a similar integration, ideal for organizations that prefer Microsoft Excel, with cloud-based accessibility and collaboration features.

Workflow Automation with Zapier

Using Zapier, healthcare providers can automate workflows by creating ‘Zaps’ that connect SurveySparrow with other applications. This enables custom workflows for tasks like sending confirmation emails, updating CRM systems, or triggering notifications based on survey responses.

CRM Integration with Salesforce

Integrating SurveySparrow with Salesforce ensures seamless transfer of patient data into the CRM system, enhancing data accuracy, eliminating manual entry, and leveraging Salesforce’s features for efficient patient relationship management.

Enhanced Patient Support with Zendesk

Linking SurveySparrow with Zendesk allows healthcare providers to manage patient support tickets or inquiries effectively, based on feedback received during registration. This ensures a more responsive patient support system.

Useful Features for Patient Registration Form Template

Before registering your patients, gather basic information from them to assist you in providing better service. This patient registration form template is valuable for reducing the time-consuming task of manually registering patients. Let’s take a look at some more features below.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Allow your patients to access this template via any device, including tablets, desktop computers, and smartphones. It is designed as a mobile-first priority for your patients’ utmost convenience.

Easy Sharing

This template includes several sharing options, including a weblink and a scannable QR code. The image of the code can be printed on patient registration brochures and receipts. You can also post it somewhere in your hospital or clinic where patients can scan the QR code to access the patient registration form.

Display/Skip Logic

Each question may not be necessary for your patients to answer. Ask pertinent and matching questions instead of bombarding your patients with irrelevant ones. This medical registration form template includes a display/skip logic. Based on previous responses from your patients, you can show or hide a question.

Multilingual Survey

Allow your patients to respond in the language with which they are most comfortable. SurveySparrow supports over 50 languages, and you can translate responses into your desired language as soon as they are received.

Secure your Data

Your patient registration data is critical for both ends, which is why this new patient registration form template includes high data security by using SSL to establish a connection, ensuring the safety and security of your data.


Use Cases: Patient Registration Form Template


Medical Center

Medical centers can optimize their patient onboarding process with a specialized form. This customized form efficiently collects critical patient information, encompassing medical history, insurance particulars, and treatment consent. By implementing this form, medical centers can expedite registration, maintain meticulous medical records, and adhere to healthcare regulatory requirements. Additionally, the form can incorporate sections for appointment scheduling and preferred communication methods, ultimately elevating the overall patient experience and healthcare delivery.

Key Feature:

Offline Forms: Get patients to fill this form offline using this feature. It allows patients to register without internet at any remote location. All they need to do is, scan a QR or fill the form on a tablet.

Dental Practices

Dental practices can enhance their services by utilizing this fom to gather patient-specific oral health details. This form captures pertinent information like dental history, insurance coverage, and consent for dental procedures. Dental offices can employ this form to streamline patient check-ins, uphold organized dental records, and ensure compliance with healthcare privacy laws (HIPAA). Moreover, the form can accommodate options for appointment reminders and dental treatment preferences, ultimately enriching patient care and satisfaction.

Key feature:

Rating Scale Questions: This allows patients to rate their current health and previous experiences. This would help dental practitioners in delivering to their needs.

Veterinary Clinics

Veterinary clinics can elevate their care standards with a dedicated form. It collects essential particulars about pets and their owners, encompassing medical history, vaccination records, and contact data. By integrating this form, veterinary clinics can expedite patient check-ins, uphold precise pet health records, and comply with regulatory standards. Additionally, the form can offer sections for scheduling pet appointments and receiving updates on pet well-being, nurturing superior pet care and client relationships.

Key Feature:

Multi-Device Compatibility: Veterinary clinics can help pet owners register into their clinic through any device, be it mobile, laptop, desktop, or tablet, making it easier for them to register anytime, anywhere.

Mental Health Facilities

Mental health facilities can elevate their patient care by adopting a specialized form. This form solicits sensitive patient data, including mental health history, insurance specifics, and consent for treatment. Mental health facilities can deploy this form to craft individualized treatment plans, uphold confidential patient records, and adhere to mental health privacy regulations. Furthermore, the form can provide options for appointment preferences and communication choices, augmenting the patient’s journey toward enhanced mental well-being.

Key Feature:

Conditional Logic: Base follow-up questions on previous answers from mental health patients. Make this form personalized for them with this feature.

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