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Parents Consent Form Template

This parents consent form template can be used by teachers or school authorities to take explicit permission from parents in relation to their wards. The responses can be tracked as and when needed. Ask parents to upload any necessary documents and make sure they understand the liabilities if any.

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Features of this Parents Consent Form Template

This parents consent form is designed to minimize the time taken to receive permission from parents. Furthermore, features of SurveySparrow widen its usability and it can be more than just a consent collection form.

Library of Question Types

This Parents Consent Form Template comes with a range of question types for your convenience. From open-ended text type questions to signature upload we’ve covered them all! Simply pick and choose the most appropriate question type based on the responses you expect from the parents.

White Labeling

White labeling always instills a sense of security in your respondents. And it becomes even more important when seeking permission from the parents to take their kids away for program(s). So, this template can look uniquely yours in just a few clicks. Add your logo, use your brand fonts, colors and images. You can even host the form on your own customized URL!

Device-Friendly Form

Let the parents fill up the form at ease and pick any device they’re comfortable in! We’ve designed this parental consent form template such that it works perfectly fine on a laptop, desktop, tablet and even on a smartphone!

Email Embed

Use the inline embed feature to embed the entire form on an email or on a webpage easily. While you create your parental permission form, generate the code to embed. Once the code is generated just paste the embed code on your webpage and done!

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