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Insurance Claim Satisfaction Survey Template

Gather feedback from your customers after they’ve claimed their insurance. Use this Insurance Claim Satisfaction Survey Template to get a detailed insight into what your customers were expecting and how to restructure your process to retain them.

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Features of Insurance Claim Satisfaction Survey Template

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Benefits of this insurance claim satisfaction survey template


Knowing if your customers are satisfied after claiming insurance can improve your customer retention. This template helps insurance companies collect feedback about their claim satisfaction and improve your process.

Here are the benefits of using this template, with SurveySparrow,

Higher Response Rate

Satisfaction surveys fail mostly because of a low response rate. And if you are using surveys that look like plain forms, customers won’t feel like responding to them. But, surveys created with SurveySparrow are different. With our conversational UI, the survey becomes more engaging for the respondent.

You can make use of emojis, gifs, pictures, videos, and different question types to break the monotony of the survey. Also, if you ask questions in a conversational style, the respondents give more candid answers.

Find Your Detractors

You can use the opinion scale question type at the end of the survey as an NPS question. The responses help you to understand who are your promoters, passives, and detractors. Promoters are your brand advocates. And, you need to build strategies to convert passives and detractors into promoters.

White Label Survey

With our survey builder, you can brand the template the way you want. On the welcome screen, you can add your brand logo, change the button colors and background image that aligns with your brand, and select the right font.

For images, you can either use the built-in Unsplash library or upload your image. You will also get a custom link of your choice for your survey. You can either use your brand name in it, to look more authentic or use any name.

Use it Offline

With our offline app, you can collect feedback on your claim process through a kiosk or offline device. The mobile-friendly features of the form give you the flexibility to use an offline device of any screen size. This feature is also helpful in collecting feedback at isolated locations that have less or no internet connectivity. With the auto-sync feature, the data will be automatically uploaded to the server once the device is connected to the internet.

CSAT Score & Sentiment Analysis

After you collect the responses, you can use our CSAT module to know the CSAT score. The module will also show you the percentage of satisfied, neutral, and dissatisfied customers.

For open-ended questions, if you enable sentiment analysis, you will see a word cloud that will show the most repeated words, prominently. This will give you the exact sentiment of your customers.


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Sample Insurance Claim Satisfaction Survey Questions


  1. How satisfied were you with the overall ease of filing a claim with us?
  2. How well did the claim resolution process meet your initial expectations?
  3. How easy was it to understand the claim filing process?
  4. How well did your claims representative keep you informed throughout the process?
  5. Were you able to easily reach your claims representative when you had questions?
  6. How professional and courteous was your claims representative?
  7. How satisfied are you with the final settlement amount you received?
  8. How long did it take for your claim to be settled?
  9. Were you kept informed about any delays in the claim resolution process?
  10. Is there anything we could have done to improve your experience filing a claim?
  11. Do you have any other comments or feedback about the claims process?

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