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Insurance Claim Satisfaction Survey Template

Features of Insurance Claim Satisfaction Form Template

More Features of Insurance Claim Satisfaction Form Template

Claiming insurance has always been a pain point for the customers resulting in them leaving. Even if you ease the process, there is still a lot of room for improvement. But that can only be understood from customer feedback. So, we’ve designed this Insurance Claim Satisfaction Template to get you detailed insight of what your customers are looking for. With the features of SurveySparrow, this template goes beyond just feedback collection.

Higher Response Rate

This template asks questions about insurance claims on a friendly note. So, it becomes very relatable to your customers, ensuring that they are concentrating only on the form while filling it up. This engaging form filling experience results in a higher response rate of at least 40%.

Customer NPS Question

This insurance satisfaction form lets you add customer NPS questions to understand how they feel about you exactly. It also enables you to learn about their loyalty and lets you predict if they’re leaving.

Customized Themes

We know how important it is for your form to resemble your brand looks. Even though there are a range of pre-built themes, you can still create your own. Add images, edit the background pixels, customize the font, play around with the colors to design the form as per your brand guidelines.

Go Offline

You might just want to visit your client and take the feedback. But, network connectivity might cause a hindrance in this process. So we’ve built an offline application that lets you run the form without worrying about the internet connection. Add an auto-sync time and the template will automatically upload all your data to your server.

Gain Rich Insights

This template comes with features like real-time reporting, cross-tabulation and advanced reports filters to gain rich insights of what your customer feels about your service. It lets you compare previous responses, sort responses based on questions to give you a better idea what they’re looking for.

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