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How an NPS Detractor Can Help Your Business

Parvathi Vijayamohan

24 April 2023

5 min read

We’ve been taught that every cloud has a silver lining. Well, the same goes for your NPS detractors!  So how can an NPS detractor be helpful for your business? 

Let us help you find out. In this blog, we will:

What is a Detractor in NPS?

First, what does NPS stand for? Well, Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a measure of customer satisfaction that helps businesses evaluate their relationship with customers. It provides valuable insights into the quality of service, customer experience, and overall performance.

An NPS detractor is a customer who has rated your business or product with a score of 0 to 6 (very poor) on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) scale. Often, these customers are the most dissatisfied with their experience. Because of this, they can provide valuable insights into how to improve your products and services.

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Why it’s Important to Pay Attention to your NPS Detractors

It is essential for businesses to pay attention to their NPS detractors. Here are four reasons why.

  1. Detractors not only provide actionable feedback on areas of improvement. But they also alert businesses to potential customer issues that may have been overlooked or underestimated. 
  2. By listening to the voice of the customer, you can develop strategies that are tailored to their specific needs and preferences.
  3. Addressing these issues is key to improving customer experience and satisfaction. 
  4. As a result, you can turn a detractor into a promoter – through proactive customer service tactics and problem-solving initiatives. 

Need proof? 

For an NPS detractor example:

Look no further than Zola – a platform that provides a complete suite of wedding planning tools, venues and vendors. 

NPS detractor example: Zola

Most startups would seek out enthusiastic users of their product. Not Zola. In fact, thanks to their detractors, they were able to boost their NPS scores by 50%. And they did it with five key insights:

  1. Early detractors are early adopters.
  2. Follow the two Ms – monthly and milestone – in your NPS survey outreach.
  3. Sort the feedback into themes.
  4. Take action according to the theme, and close the feedback loop.
  5. Patiently get them to ‘Yes’. 

You can check out the full case study on First Round Review

“It’s tempting to listen to all the good stuff you get in your NPS surveys. But we know we’ve learned a lot more by being very focused on the not-so-good comments.”

– Shan-Lyn Ma, Zola’s CEO and founder

5 Types of NPS Detractors

Having an understanding of the customer issues faced by NPS detractors is essential for improving customer experience and satisfaction. This will help craft your outreach strategy.

One way to simplify this by grouping your detractors into different types. 

Infographic created via Genially

4 Strategies for Turning a Detractor into a Promoter

Actively engage with the customer’s issues.

The first strategy is to actively engage with detractors in order to gain an understanding of their experiences and issues. 

Companies should be open and receptive when engaging with detractors, as it can help build trust and create better relationships with customers. 

In addition, companies should address any grievances or concerns of their customers as soon as possible.

Offer an incentive for their time

Another key strategy for turning detractor into promoters is by offering rewards or incentives for providing feedback. 

This not only encourages constructive criticism but also shows customers that their opinions are valued and appreciated. 

Offering rewards such as discounts, free products, or exclusive offers is a simple way to show that you value their time. 

Keep refining your customer service

Finally, companies should focus on providing excellent customer service – at all times – to ensure customers have positive experiences with them. 

Efficient processes, helpful staff members, and timely response times. These are just some of the ways businesses can demonstrate excellent customer service practices. 

By making sure customers always have access to friendly support, businesses can turn detractors into promoters more quickly and effectively.


Overall, there are many proactive strategies businesses can use to turn NPS Detractors into Promoters. But by engaging with these customers directly, offering rewards or incentives for feedback, as well as providing excellent customer service at all times; companies can gain valuable insights into areas of improvement. 

As a result, these ultimately lead to greater customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

5 Tips for Improving Customer Experience with Proactive Service Tactics

By using the right tactics, companies can create a better, smoother customer journey. 

Here are five tips for improving customer experience with proactive service tactics. The goal of these tactics is to address potential issues before they arise.

1. Identify and Address Common Complaints:

Companies should always be on the lookout for common complaints from customers. When left unsolved, these can gradually turn them into detractors. 

By understanding and responding to these complaints quickly, businesses can prevent more serious issues in the future.

2. Utilize Automated Solutions:

Automated solutions – such as chatbots, VoIP phone service with call routing, and self-service portals

That’s not to say that traditional, human support has lost value. Far from it – chatbots enable customers to get answers to common queries at any time, and frees up human team members for important tasks. 

Combine the two, and you provide an improved level of service overall.

3. Create Personalized Experiences:

Offering personalized experiences helps show customers that their opinions matter, and that their feedback is taken seriously. 

Companies should take the time to understand each individual customer’s needs in order to create tailored experiences that meet their specific requirements.

4. Monitor Feedback in Real-Time:

“A watched pot never boils.”  Taken literally – keeping a close watch on feedback can help your team quickly address any potential problems and prevent issues from boiling over!

This helps keep customers satisfied, while also allowing businesses to identify areas of improvement in the future, so similar problems don’t occur again.

5. Introduce Gamification Strategies: 

Gamification strategies, such as reward systems, milestone badges or leaderboards, can help motivate customers to provide feedback more often.

It works both ways. Gamification can encourage employees to strive for improvement after critical reviews have been received about their product or service. 

This type of approach helps both parties reach a mutual understanding about any given situation. Moreover, it encourages them to work together towards a common goal of creating a better overall experience for everyone involved.

By utilizing these five tips, businesses can take proactive measures to improve customer experience and turn detractors into promoters in no time at all! 

Taking the time to listen and understand customer feedback will help companies make informed decisions on how they can best serve their clients. As a happy consequence, they will also create long-term relationships with them through trust and loyalty over time.

Wrapping Up

Overall, having an NPS Detractor in your business can actually be great for your business. By paying attention to customer feedback and understanding their issues from detractors, you can create more effective strategies for improvement. 

Through proactive customer service tactics and problem-solving initiatives, it is possible to turn a detractor into a promoter. The key is to listen attentively to the needs of customers while acting on any complaints they have. 

Ultimately, this will help you improve customer experience with better services that make them feel valued as part of your brand’s community. With these tips in mind, take advantage of the power of NPS today.

Parvathi Vijayamohan

Growth Marketer at SurveySparrow

Fledgling growth marketer. Cloud watcher. Aunty to a naughty beagle.

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