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Top 7 Sentiment Analysis Tools to Have In 2024

Kate Williams

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23 May 2024

8 min read

Understanding the customers is as crucial as offering great products/services. How the customers feel about your brand or your product/service will give you a clear idea of the improvements you should make.

Now the question is – How can you identify customer opinions? Well, that’s where sentiment analysis tools come into play. It helps you analyze the hidden sentiment behind each customer feedback, review, or comment.

Customer feedback software and social media listening tools are the ones that mostly use this. But, there are also tools that are dedicated to offering sentiment analysis alone as well.

We will be discussing all such tools along with their key features and pricing. Let’s start by understanding what is a sentiment analysis tool.

What Are Sentiment Analysis Tools?

As the name indicates, sentiment analysis tools are used to understand the emotional tone within a text. By doing so, the tool helps businesses grasp their customers’ opinions and feelings toward their product (or service).

At the start, these tools had a predefined set of words and phrases to identify the emotions. However, as technology evolved, so did these tools. Nowadays, they use ML and AI to train the tool to identify hidden emotions. They can offer insights as to whether the comments or opinions are positive, neutral, or negative.

Benefits of Having a Sentiment Analysis Tool

Though there are a lot of benefits to point out, the following are some of the main ones that you should know.

  • Understand customer feelings towards products or services
  • Track brand reputation across various channels
  • Tailor marketing efforts based on customer sentiment
  • Quickly identify and address customer concerns
  • Monitor competitors and compare sentiment
  • Use feedback for product improvements

Now that we have understood what a sentiment analysis tool is, let’s discuss the most used sentiment analysis tools.

7 Best Sentiment Analysis Tools in 2024

Following are the tools that offer tools for sentiment analysis for its users.

1. SurveySparrow

Software Type: Customer Feedback & Support Software

Starting Price: $19 per month


SurveySparrow is a top online survey tool that helps businesses attain useful, extensive customer insights. The tool is highly intuitive and offers 24*7 support to those in need of help. It offers a range of features, with AI surveys as the newest addition.

With its ability to analyze customer feedback and replies and identify the hidden emotions behind them, SurveySparrow accentuates itself as one of the best sentiment analysis tools.

How Sentiment Analysis Works in SurveySparrow?

On customer feedback or when a customer replies on the live chat, SurveySparrow’s sentiment analysis feature splits the text and analyzes it for hidden emotions.

With the text split into smaller pieces, it will be easier for the tool to do the analysis.

SurveySparrow often uses this feature to analyze customer feedback from any kind of survey, be it NPS or CSAT. The following offers a sneak peek into how the results will be in the tool.


You can use the Filter option in the Result Tab to view responses categorized by sentiment type. SurveySparrow breaks down the response into 4 emotions, and they are as follows.

  • Positive – The customer (respondent) is extremely happy with your product/service.
  • Negative – The customer is totally unhappy with your product/service.
  • Mixed– The customers are neither happy nor dissatisfied. They are somewhere in between.
  • Neutral – The customers have found your product/service “okay”, much like nothing special.

Furthermore, the word cloud feature in SurveySparrow visualizes key themes and sentiments of the respondents (customers).


You can track this over time to see how the strategies you put in place are swaying the emotions of your customers. Learn more about customer sentiment analysis.

Other Key Features

  • Its conversational surveys help you engage respondents with an interactive, chat-like survey experience.
  • Recurring surveys allow you to schedule surveys to be sent out automatically at regular intervals.
  • The tool utilizes AI to help you generate surveys faster and more engaging.
  • Its omnichannel management lets you distribute and track surveys across platforms from a single dashboard.
  • It offers NPS, CSAT & CES Surveys to easily measure customer loyalty, satisfaction, and effort with specialized survey types.
  • The tool offers a vast library (1000+) of pre-designed survey templates.

2. Repustate

Software Type: Sentiment Analysis Tool

Starting Price: Available upon request

homepage of text analytics tool - repustate
Source: Repustate

Repustate is a multilingual sentiment analysis and text analytics platform. It helps businesses understand customer opinions, improve customer experience, and monitor brand health across various channels.

How Sentiment Analysis Works in Repustate?

Repustate’s sentiment analysis tool can analyze and understand customer opinions across different languages. Its semantic analysis digs into the context and subtleties of language. This ensures an accurate interpretation of customer sentiments, whether positive, negative, or neutral.

In doing so, the tool becomes effective in distinguishing complex expressions of feelings from feedback. Moreover, Repustate’s aspect-based sentiment analysis provides detailed insights by breaking down feedback into specific features of a product or service. This allows companies to pinpoint areas of customer satisfaction or discontent, enabling targeted improvements.

By offering a comprehensive and detailed view of customer sentiment, we can say that Repustate is undoubtedly one of the best sentiment analysis tools.

Other Key Features:

  • It offers robust API integration for easy incorporation into existing systems.
  • Its unique capability to analyze sentiment from video and audio content extends beyond text-based analysis.

3. HubSpot’s Service Hub

Software Type: Customer Service Software

Starting Price: $18 per month

webpage of hubsopt's service hub
Source: HubSpot

It’s a customer service software that helps businesses manage customer requests, feedback, and issues. The tool offers a range of features, from ticketing and live chats to customer feedback surveys. It’s in the customer feedback survey, they use sentiment analysis.

How Sentiment Analysis Works in HubSpot?

It employs NPS surveys to distinguish the nature of customer reviews and categorizes them by sentiment. With native integration available with HubSpot CRM, the results can be visualized in a unified dashboard. Therefore, you can understand the summary of customer satisfaction levels at one glance.

Furthermore, it’ll be easier for your team to assess and analyze the feedback.

Other Key Features

  • It allows for automating tasks and workflows to increase efficiency and personalize CX.
  • HubSpot’s CRM helps you manage customer relationships and streamline the sales process, enhancing productivity.
  • It also enables the creation, sending, and analysis of email campaigns to engage and nurture leads.
  • Its CMS facilitates content creation, management, and optimization to improve UX and SEO.

4. Brandwatch

Software Type: Social Listening Tool

Starting Price: Available upon request

homepage of brandwatch
Source: Brandwatch

Brandwatch is one of the most advanced sentiment analysis tools on the market. If you want to learn a great deal about your consumers, then Brandwatch will be an ideal tool for you. It offers comprehensive tools for analyzing social media and online data.

How does that help you? Well, you can understand consumer sentiment, monitor brand reputation, and even track competitive insights.

How Sentiment Analysis Works in Brandwatch?

Brandwatch employs a hybrid approach to sentiment analysis. It combines knowledge-based classifiers, machine learning, and customizable rules to make it more robust.

At first, mentions are sorted as positive, negative, or neutral based on predefined rules. For complex cases, Machine learning is used for analyzing sentiment based on the context and industry-specific language. Users can also make custom rules for unique situations, ensuring accuracy and flexibility.

Other Key Features:

  • It identifies emerging trends in real-time, allowing businesses to stay ahead of the curve.
  • The tool helps you find key influencers and opinion leaders in specific industries or niches.
  • It offers robust data visualization tools to make complex data more accessible and actionable.
  • It also sends alerts based on specific keywords, sentiment shifts, or other criteria important to the business.

5. Lexalytics

Software Type: Text Analytics Software

Starting Price: Available upon request

homepage of lexalytics
Source: Lexalytics

Lexalytics is an industry leader in cloud and on-prem text analytics solutions. It provides tools for sentiment analysis, intent detection, and theme discovery. It’s designed for businesses looking to extract meaningful insights from unstructured text data.

How Sentiment Analysis Works in Lexalytics?

Lexalytics employs a combination of NLP, ML, and AI to interpret the sentiment of text data. The tool analyzes sentiment at multiple levels, providing a deeper understanding of the sentiment expressed in the text.

We can consider Lexalytics to be one of the sentiment analysis tools. Why? Because it’s able to identify the intensity of sentiments, not just if they are positive or negative. This allows businesses to gauge the strength of customer feelings towards their products or services.

Other Key Features:

  • It identifies and categorizes entities such as people, places, and organizations within the text.
  • The tool can automatically extract themes and topics from large volumes of text.
  • It can determine the intentions behind customer interactions, aiding in more nuanced customer service.
  • It allows for the customization of models to fit specific industry needs or terminologies.

6. MonkeyLearn

Software Type: Customer Feedback Software

Starting Price: Available upon request

homepage of nocode text analytics tool - Monkeylearn
Source: MonkeyLearn

MonkeyLearn is a user-friendly AI platform that specializes in text analysis. With a focus on machine learning, it enables businesses to automate the process of analyzing text for sentiment, keywords, and more. It offers free sentiment analysis tools for startups and individuals who want to explore text analytics.

How Sentiment Analysis Works in MonkeyLearn?

MonkeyLearn’s sentiment analysis tool uses machine learning for the analysis. They train their models to analyze and identify the sentiment behind the texts. They can classify text into positive, negative, or neutral categories.

MonkeyLearn’s platform allows for analyzing text data from various sources, including social media, surveys, and customer reviews. Therefore, it provides valuable insights into customer sentiment. It also supports integration with other tools and services, making it easy to automate workflows and analyze sentiment in real-time.

Other Key Features:

  • The tool offers a simple, intuitive interface suitable for users without a technical background.
  • It allows the creation of custom models for sentiment analysis, classification, and extraction tailored to specific needs.
  • It easily integrates with popular tools and platforms for seamless workflow automation.
  • MonkeyLearn provides real-time analysis capabilities for immediate insights.

7. Talkwalker

Software Type: Social Listening Software

Starting Price: Available upon request

homepage of social listening tool - talkwalker
Source: Talkwalker

If you are looking for sentiment analysis tools for social media, then consider Talkwalker. It’s a complete social media analytics tool that provides insights into brand perception, campaign performance, and consumer trends. It’s designed for marketers, PR professionals, and businesses of all sizes.

How Sentiment Analysis Works in Talkwalker?

Talkwalker includes sentiment analysis in its social media monitoring platform. It uses AI and machine learning to analyze text and images on social media, news, blogs, and forums. Also, it allows for real-time analysis.

You can use Talkwalker’s sentiment analysis to identify different emotions, such as positive, negative, or neutral. But what makes it special is its ability to recognize specific emotions such as happiness, anger, or disappointment. This helps understand how people feel about brands, campaigns, or topics.

Talkwalker can also analyze images and videos to see emotions, making it one of the best sentiment analysis tools for social media.

Other Key Features:

  • It can monitor social media, news, blogs, and forums worldwide in over 187 languages.
  • The tool uses image recognition technology to identify brand logos and visuals across social media.
  • It can predict which posts are likely to go viral, helping brands to capitalize on trends.
  • It offers in-depth competitive analysis features to benchmark against competitors.

Which Sentiment Analysis Tool Should You Choose?

Choosing the right sentiment analysis tool depends largely on your specific needs. If you focus on monitoring and analyzing public sentiment on social media, try social listening tools.

Platforms like Brandwatch and Talkwalker are powerful options for this purpose. These tools allow you to track mentions of your brand across various platforms. You can understand the sentiment behind these mentions and even identify trends and influencers.

But if you want to improve your customer experience and employee satisfaction, try customer feedback tools.

Consider SurveySparrow.

It offers robust survey-based sentiment analysis, enabling you to gather and analyze feedback directly from your customers and employees. Its conversation surveys ensure that you can capture the pulse of your stakeholders and employees.

Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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