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Top 20 HR Conferences to Explore in 2024

Kate Williams

9 April 2024

9 min read

HR is going through an incredible phase. Things keep changing almost on a daily basis. It is wise for human resource professionals to attend HR conferences. You can keep up with the latest industry trends, solutions, and technologies.

In this article, we are going to look at 20 of the best HR conferences in 2023 – both virtual and in-person conferences.

20 HR Conferences You Must Attend in 2023

#1.Talent Acquisition Week

It is a special Human Resource conference for those who are in the talent acquisition space. If you’re looking to adapt your talent acquisition strategy moving forward, Talent Acquisition Week is a conference that you will want to check out.

This summit is three events rolled into one: a Social Recruiting Strategies Conference, an Employer Branding Strategies Conference, and a Talent Sourcing Strategies Summit. There will also be a discussion on recruiting, sourcing, employee branding strategies, and more to get the best learning experience.

Date: July 17-21

#2. SHRM24 Annual Conference & Expo

This is one of the largest gatherings of HR professionals on the planet. 25,000 attendees and 1,000 international delegates are expected to attend. The event is spread across four days and executive assistants, managers, recruiters, and those who are interested in the field of HR are expected to attend this event.

There are more than 200 sessions happening simultaneously, and there’s a good chance that you might surely end up attending a session that you really want to.

Date: June 11-14

#3. Future of HR

It is an independently organized virtual event that concentrates on automation and how these technologies will affect human jobs and the way tasks are done. It will also speak about the kind of skills that organizations are looking for these days. HR leaders need to step up to adapt their management, workforce, performance, employee strategies, and employee planning.

Some of the main topics that this virtual HR event covers are: data-driven HR, gig economy, human analytics, promoting data literacy, big data to improve inclusion and diversity, trends that reshape the future, and so on. The event is known for providing an interactive platform to increase your development skills using analytical tools to improve employee engagement strategies, AI in recruitment, and social media.

Date: March 22-23

#4. Gartner Reimagine HR Conference

In this virtual conference, the cultural and economic impact of Covid-19 and the importance of transitioning to a hybrid workplace will be discussed. HR leaders make this transition smooth so that all HR processes and systems can work together. Gartner aims to utilize data to examine how fairness can be reimagined in the workplace to build high-performing and inclusive organizations.

This conference is an opportunity for CHROs and heads of HR to get cross-functional insights with which organizational performance can be attained. It covers some of the best practices on using rewards packages to ensure psychological and physical well-being.

The Gartner Reimagine HR Conference is one of the world’s most important virtual gatherings for CHROs and their executive teams. Strategies for hiring, retention, creating a culture of continuous learning and development, ensuring diversity, inclusion in the workforce, productivity maximization, and employee rewards are discussed.


  • 11 – 12 September, London, U.K.
  • 23 – 25 October, Orlando, FL
  • 4 – 5 December, Sydney, Australia

#5. Vision23

It is an in-person HR conference that happens in Amelia Island, Florida. HR professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the area of talent acquisition and managing people are its target audience. The 3-day conference brings leaders from some of the biggest companies.

WorkVision brings top-level business leaders together where they strategize, explore and share important information about how there is a rise in individualism in the workforce or how there is a sea change in which work is getting done these days.

For HR professionals who are looking to have serious discussions with HR thought leaders about shaping the workforce of the future and understanding the assets that impact business, you have come to the right HR conference.

Date: May 1-3

#6. The Future of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Organizations can longer just consider diversity as a buzzword. HR leaders should ensure that the way they select and retain talent has nothing to do with the demographics of the candidates. Thankfully, there is a lot of awareness surrounding the issue and organizations are striving a lot these days to ensure that there is diversity, equity, and inclusivity in the workplace. Movements like Black Lives Matter and #metoo are great examples of this change that we have been witnessing of late.

Leaders should also respond properly and make sure that no one is wronged. This virtual HR event will showcase organizations that have been able to successfully highlight the DEI method in their work culture.

Date: September 27

#7. HR Transform – The Future is Now

This HR event is all about gamifying HR to improve feedback, overall communication and make the experience of the candidate better. The Future is Now event organized by HR Transform concentrates on how executives and the leadership can make the organization better.

Some of the biggest companies such as Slack, AirBnB, and Zoom have attended the HR conference. The best HR leaders in business have also been a part of this event regularly. The HR Transform is one of the best programs in this genre and it will help you set up your organization for success.

Date: March 11-13

#8. Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration

The HR conference saw more than 30,000 attendees from over 115 countries the previous year. It is considered to be the world’s largest gathering of women technologists.

Grace Hopper is credited with inventing the first computer language compiler. She was also the first woman recipient of the National Medal of Technology. And she was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously for her work in the field of computing.

The HR conference talks about the career interests and research of women in computing. It also speaks about the contributions of women in the tech field. The conference offers women HR professionals the opportunity to network, seek mentoring and collaborate.

Date: September 26-29

#9. Impact 2021

You get the opportunity to interact with some of the biggest HR leaders and also get access to industry insights and trends. At this HR trade show, they used AI-powered matchmaking software to facilitate one-to-one meetings that have attendees, guest speakers, and other industry experts.

The event, powered by Deloitte, offers incredible networking opportunities, wellness sessions, 3D exhibitor gallery. You can also get offers, chat and schedule meetings with the executive speakers through a special feature.

While Deloitte has decided to phase out the Impact event, you can still access their HR insights and special reports from the link given above.

#10. HR Florida Conference & Expo

Organized by the HR Florida State Council, it is an annual conference and has more than 2,000 HR professionals and vendors who attend this conference. It is an in-person conference and is easily one of the biggest in the state of Florida. A good HR conference for those looking to network and learn more.

Attendees can also earn credits for SHRM Competencies Certifications and the HR Certification Institute.

Date: August 27 – 30

#11. AHRD 2023 Virtual Conference

The AHRD 2023 Conference is preparing to have its first-ever hybrid conference this year, thanks to Covid-19. The theme of this year’s conference is about rethinking the meaning of work, and it will be a combo of in-person and live-streamed events.

The Conference will include leading HR experts, practitioners, and rising stars. AHRD is an inclusive organization and invites everyone who is interested in the field of HR, regardless of their path so far.

Date: March 1 – 4

#12. HR West Conference

Organized by, it is one of the most important HR conferences that aims to determine the future of human resources. By attending this expo, you will get an idea of what the future holds for HR professionals. It is usually attended by Silicon Valley companies and their leaders, who are also counted as some of the most innovative and experienced professionals in the field.

The event has more than 80 professionals across the field who offer cutting-edge workplace data and analytics, industry insights, tools, resources, and strategies that will help boost employee productivity, cultivate leadership internally, globalization, and workforce culture.

Even though the HR West Conference draws world-class presenters, the focus is on the individual and is intimate enough for relationship-building.

Date: March 4 – 5

#13. Talent Connect

It is a two-day HR conference for LinkedIn’s corporate customers. It gives them the best chance to learn from recruiters, best practices, and use LinkedIn effectively.

Talent Connect attracts more than 5,000 developers and recruiters for sharing unique insights, collaborations, panels, and networking.

Date: October 2

#14. The Future of HR

In this HR tech conference, automation and how it has affected the workforce are being discussed.

Lately, HR specialists have become strategists. They perform extra duties as they are such a pivotal cog in the workforce. This conference takes a close look at the problems faced by HR professionals. Also, it addresses what can be done to solve the issues. Most of the discussion revolves around the skills that the HR departments need.

Date: January 18

#15. The Future of Employee Engagement

This HR conference takes the attendees on a journey that will help them with increasing employee engagement. The pandemic has changed the way the modern workforce gets things done; a tectonic shift in how employers look at employees in terms of their job and the various responsibilities that are being expected of them.

This virtual conference organized by will look for a connection between organizational performance and engagement with the objective being discovering how they are connected.

#16. HR Virtual Summit

This is a free and virtual HR conference presented by BambooHR and Kazoo. HR professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge and gain insights into employee experience are the ones who will benefit the most from this. It is considered the world’s largest virtual summit that is dedicated entirely to the HR industry.

More than 45,000 attendees are regularly a part of this and some of the biggest thought leaders, executive coaches, and visionaries become a part of it. The attendees will be enabled with tools that will make them free from transactional HR practice and do great work.

Date: November 14

#17. ASE Annual HR Conference

In this uncertain world, companies are looking to adapt and grow amid everything that is happening. It is important to have a growth mindset if one wants to flourish.

HR departments and professionals should enable growth-veered thinking by shifting the mindsets of the organizations that they work for. The attendees of the ASE Annual HR Conference 2023 will learn how to do exactly the same. This talent management conference is great for HR Managers, CHROs, and Directors.

Date: March 10

#18. HR Technology Conference & Expo

Organized by HR Tech, the objective of this body is to ensure that the HR community can see how technology will assist them during uncertain situations. They also provide expert guidance for HR professionals to tide through this period of chaos. HR Tech organized two virtual events in the year 2021 and they are doing the same in 2023.

The HR event by HR Tech has been happening for more than 20+ years now. The events deliver solutions to HR and IT professionals to businesses of all sizes and geographies. The event is for those who are looking to optimize the usage of current HR systems and for those who are looking to buy.

The attendees will gain insights on how to make important HR system decisions that will help the organization grow. At the event, the attendees will be able to explore products from thousands of vendors in a state-of-the-art virtual setting.

Date: October 10

#19. 29th Human Resource Summit

It is one of those premium in-person HR conferences that has been happening for over 30 years. For someone who is attending the conference, it is a great way to learn about the latest developments in the HR industry. It is an opportunity for the attendees to learn from like-minded peers on how to innovate in the workplace.

HRS22 features more than 40 HR and leadership and development experts that cover organizational development, leadership development, succession management, and employee engagement. There are 80 more senior delegates from some of the biggest companies in Ireland and the UK. Most of the job titles who will grace the event are Heads, Directors of HR, and Heads and Directors of People.

Date: October 11-13

#20. Hacking HR Global Online Conference

Hacking HR brings HR enthusiasts together to discuss the changing workplace. And how they can make it better. The theme of this virtual conference is “The Path Forward”, and it spans more than 100 sessions, 500 speakers, and 15,000 attendees.

That’s why it’s one of the top international HR conferences in 2023. This conference provides the participants with deep insights on experiences, data, and stories from global thought leaders.

Date: March 6-9

Bonus: SurveySparrow RefineEX

RefineEX is a virtual summit that gathers the best minds in HR from around the world. From predicting future workplace experiences to CHRO priorities to people analytics, RefineEX brings together influential HR leaders to share their insights and the latest HR strategies.

HR can make or break the workplace.  So RefineEX also awards the top 100 HRs around the world for their invaluable contributions to the world. If you know an HR who deserves to be on this list, you can nominate them here.

Date: January 21

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What are the benefits of attending an HR conference?

HR is not just about hiring employees, but there is a lot more to it. Let us look at some of the benefits of attending HR conferences

Knowledge of current HR trends

A lot has changed in the field of HR as well. The pandemic has forced most of us to take drastic steps. As a result, HRs have had to adapt to the changing situations, such as remote working. HRs need to be well-informed of technological advancements. And how they can make a lot of difference in their work.

Get career feedback

HR conferences give professionals an opportunity to network with like-minded professionals. When HR professionals are confused about the kind of trajectory that they want when it comes to their career, HR conferences can give them hordes of ideas.

Opportunities to network

As mentioned above, HR conferences are a great opportunity for HRs to connect with their peers and those who are in higher positions. It is a chance to widen your network. It can even get them connected to hiring managers who are looking for talent.

Solutions to workplace issues

HR conferences put the attendees in front of leaders and speakers who know the industry in and out. They will offer their valuable ideas on a variety of topics. These can help the HR professionals to make changes in the workplace. Listening to insights from various quarters in these HR conferences will provide a better and fresher perspective.

Final Thoughts

Most of the conferences on this list will happen in the coming years as well. These are great places for HR professionals to learn more about the industry that they are in. You can glean new insights on the emerging trends in HR.

Attending HR conferences can be of great use to your organization as well. It is always good to know more about what is happening in the niche that you are working in.

Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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