Net Promoter Score®

Turn customers
into promoters

Provide a flawless customer experience using Net Promoter Score.

Grow your business with a continuous feedback loop

Listen, improve, analyze, and grow with Net Promoter Score.

Make NPS a business routine

Track NPS over time and monitor it continuously.

Track NPS trend with the dashboard

Track and monitor the NPS trends over the day, week, month, or year. Get the number of promoters, passives, and detractors to identify at-risk customers instantly. Filter feedback and perform in-depth analysis.

Collect feedback from your customers periodically.

Collect Feedback Periodically

Schedule surveys for periodic intervals. Configure the survey settings once and forget about it. Set up a cyclic feedback system. Automate the process; save your time and efforts.

Automate workflows using Webhooks and alerts.

Automate Workflows with Webhooks & Alerts

Automate actionable workflows. Share follow-up emails to customers based on score, responses, or any parameter. Notify your team via Slack, create tickets to address & track issues, or share survey data to another service via webhooks.

Segment Customers

Segment audience with custom fields

Uncover deeper insights by sorting your NPS using custom fields like location, date of feedback submission, etc. Segment your customers instantly and adopt different follow-up strategies.

Integrate with your day-to-day applications easily.

Integrate with any
day-to-day app of yours

Create workflows using webhooks.


Connect different apps using API


Integrate different applications using Zapier.


Create efficient workflows and execute tasks.


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